Muay Thai boxing for women benefits

For the past centuries, training in martial arts has been seen to be more of a masculine activity. That said, now, we live in an era that increasingly embraces women empowerment, and guess what? We happen to think that strong women are sexy.

While we might have our mindset on the thought that we can do and/or be anything we want, we would have to face the fact that we are “built” slightly more delicate than men. Though it’s true that some women might be as big and strong as men, most aren’t.

Case and point, I myself happen to be 5’3” and weigh less than 110 pounds. If I were to roll in the punches against a man weighing in at 200 pounds, it is more than likely that I’d probably break a bone or two.

That said, there are certain martial arts styles that can work more effectively for women compared too the others – Muay Thai Benefits For Female being one of them.

Muay Thai focuses on using the hardest parts of your body (elbows, knees, and top of your head), and albeit they are still prone to injury during an altercation, the strikes will likely to cause more damage to your opponent. Don’t forget to buy quality boxing gear for women for a good, safe and comfortable training

Having benefited greatly from the practice of Muay Thai for over 3 years, my life has been brought to an entire new light, and now I’m going to share with you 5 amazing reasons why you should try it too!

1. You Can Eat Whatever You Want, And Stay In Shape

eat whatever you want to eat

It is safe to say that “every woman’s dream is not to find true love; but to eat as much as we can and not getting fat”. Well, call me your fairy god mother and consider it done because did you know that one 90-minutes session of Muay Thai can burn up to 1000 calories? That entitles me to extra sauce and guacamole with my burrito, of which I had 3 for lunch! How is that even possible, you asked?

Muay Thai Benefits For Female combines cardio and martial arts techniques that work out your entire body. By doing the stretching and conditioning exercise alone, you’ve already burned half your lunch without even trying. Now, what’s for dinner?

2.  It Boosts Self-Esteem

boosts self esteem

In Muay Thai, you will find that your body is able of doing some things beyond your wildest dreams. Being able to do what your body could not do last week will give you just that amount of confidence and push you need to progress to the next level, and so on. Soon you’ll find yourself replacing the self-doubt with self-belief, and be on your way of becoming the best version of yourself.

3.  It Reduces Stress And Balances Hormones

reduces stress and balances hormones

Being women, hormones will always be one of our our worst “enemies”. The good news is, practicing Muay Thai can help us keep composure by increasing the level of endorphins and serotonin or better known as happy hormones and lower the bad hormone cortisol that is responsible for all the unnecessary stress and mood swings.

4.  It Increases Stamina And Makes You Stronger

The combination of body-weight exercises and explosive movements incorporated in the practice of Muay Thai will help you develop muscles you never knew you had. Muay Thai is also a perfect supplementary exercise for those who are already hitting the gym as it helps with your core strength, flexibility, and range of movements.

Not to forget the amount of cardio that it entails will boost your stamina up to the roof which means no more shortness of breath!

5.  Last But Not Least, It Is Effortless And Time-Efficient

You would think that it would be extremely difficult to begin training in Muay Thai when you don’t have any martial arts background. You’d be surprised that I started my first Muay Thai training as a 160 pounds woman who has never done any sports, let alone martial arts!

effortless and time-efficient

The thing is, once you get the hang of it, you’ll have so much fun training that you’ll forget that you’re actually working out. For fellow career women who wants to stay fit yet often too busy or too tired to hit the gym, this is the much needed revelation/ solution you have been waiting for!

It’s a healthy activity, easy and it’s social! You’ll find that when you train, you will inevitably meet new people without having to actively try! Plus it’s efficient so it won’t take much of your free time and you’ll be home in time to catch on your new series with a guilt-free tub of ice cream. Trust me, it doesn’t get any better than that!



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