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There is a reason why many birth control pills contain iron supplements for the week of menstruation. Iron is often lost during the shedding stage of the menstrual cycle, along with other important nutrients. Take charge of your dreaded week ahead of time – have these vitamins and minerals on hand for when you suffer from the symptoms of PMS and cramps. You can replenish what your body loses before it even has a chance to notice!

1. Zinc

Zinc can actually encourage your period to begin. If you are running a bit late and are not pregnant, then try to add zinc to your diet. A lack of zinc (and iron) can actually delay your period, so be sure to give your body all the help it needs during that time. As a bonus, zinc supplements also offer many other health benefits, such as boosting immune system function and potentially preventing age-related macular degeneration (a common cause of sight loss in the older population).

2. Cardamom

Many women experience issues with digestion during menstruation. Those diagnosed with endometriosis may also experience pain along with digestion. Cardamom is a great remedy for these problems – it has a very distinct flavor, and the seeds or roots of the cardamom plant can be crushed and used in tea. It also tastes delicious when added to warm milk.

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3. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is traditionally used for easing pain. Ingesting cayenne pepper can not only warm the body to help reduce pain from menstrual cramps, but it also regulates bleeding. A small amount of cayenne pepper goes a long way, however, so try to add to your food and drink sparingly. A spoonful of cayenne pepper will certainly clear your sinuses, but there are easier ways to ingest it.

4. B6 Vitamins

When the body sheds its uterine lining, the loss of blood causes your body’s supply of B vitamins to reduce. Consult with your doctor before buying supplements, but note that B6 vitamins can actually reduce cramps during your challenging week and may also strengthen your system.

5. Celery

Apparently, your mother was right when she nagged you to eat your vegetables. The nutrients in celery are just what your body needs to replenish its vitamins and minerals. Celery is best used before your period begins. PMS can be brutal (for you and those around you!), but celery does help to alleviate some of the more frustrating symptoms. Many people bloat from water weight around this time, and celery acts as a natural diuretic by stimulating kidney function.

6. Sabina

Sabina can be referred to as a miracle cure, as it helps some of the toughest menstrual symptoms you can face. People with endometriosis are no stranger to dark clots, which seem to increase cramping and leave you feeling debilitated. This homeopathic remedy can even help with the most severe pain that spreads to the thighs.

7. Crab Apple

This fruit is just as great as whining to your best friend about how awful and gross you feel while you have PMS. Crab apples are considered a flower remedy for the emotional rollercoaster caused by fluctuating hormones. The combination of vitamins and minerals acts in an incredibly unusual way – it has been known to reduce the feeling of self-loathing and even disgust. Many women may not hate themselves while they have PMS, but most certainly have irritable feelings toward their reproductive system during that time.

8. Bioflavonoids

Finally, these types of vitamins help regulate hormone levels, leading to a more regular period. So, what in the world are bioflavonoids? Take a good look at your food. Have you ever noticed the color of the membrane between slices of oranges or the stem of bell peppers? These are made up of bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids have also been known as vitamin P and flavones. Basically, they show up in foods that contain vitamin C, and they can decrease the amount of blood lost during your period as well as protect your capillaries.

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