Best Mattress to Stay Healthy

There are several factors you can correlate with a sleeping disorder and other health issues. The common ones that everyone faces are back and neck pain. You can find one of the best mattresses for back and neck pain from popular brands. The choice of a right mattress can induce good sleep in you and you wake up very relaxed and refreshed the next day morning. Our body parts get relaxed only during our sleep. So, it’s important to have sound sleep to stay healthy.

When we consider mattress choice “no one size fits all”. The health issues are mainly caused by numerous factors like the type of mattress that you use, sleeping position, body temperature, etc. There is a wide range of mattress options available in the market with specific features that can fit individual health requirements. Let us have a look at different health conditions and sleeping positions that can alleviate problems.

What are the factors to be considered while choosing a Mattress?

Check for the mattress harmony with an adjustable bed: The mattress you choose should be compatible with an adjustable bed so that you can adjust your sleeping position at any angle that is comfortable for you.

The degree of support: A medium-firm mattress that can keep the spine alignment neutral to the standing posture of the body can be beneficial and alleviates some kind of lower back pain to a great extent. This provides additional support to the spine. Hence medium-firmness is suitable for the mattress for low back pain. The firm mattress causes pain in the pressure points. If the mattress is too hard, side sleepers will experience discomfort on the pressure point areas of the hips and shoulders as it is pressed hard against the mattress.

Pillow-tops for additional softness: Some mattress comes in a combo with pillow-tops. Some pillow-tops have the feature of soothing heat therapy that is best suited for people having neck pain. In general, if a person wakes up without any pain or stiffness in the morning, that particular mattress and pillow-top are suitable for their body.

Severe back pain can be associated with many other underlying health conditions like Isthmic spondylolisthesis, Herniated lumbar disc, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative disc disease, Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, etc.

Isthmic spondylolisthesis: People diagnosed with this condition and suffering from pain can be relieved by a reclining sleeping position. By placing pillows under the head, neck, and back, this position can be made comfortable.

Herniated lumbar disc: In this disease condition, the position of the disc determines your sleeping position. If you suffer from paracentral disc herniation which is the common one, lying on the stomach can make you feel better. If you have pain from a foraminal herniated disc, it is advised to sleep on the sides in a fetal position to get relieved from pain.

Spinal Stenosis: If diagnosed with this condition, it is recommended to sleep on the sides in the fetal position. This reduces the pressure applied to the nerve root. Even sleeping on an adjustable bed or reclining chair can help reduce the pain as your head and knees can be elevated to relieve the pressure on the nerve.

Degenerative disc disease: People diagnosed with this condition can be slept on the stomach to reduce the pressure on the disc. Also, it is preferred to sleep on a firmer mattress by keeping a flat pillow under the hips and stomach. This will aid in reducing pressure on the lower back. Another option is to sleep on the back on an adjustable bed by elevating the upper body part. Make sure to give enough support to the knees in the angled position.

Osteoarthritis: This is a common problem and the preferred sleep position is on the side in the fetal position. This can relieve pressure on the spine. By sleeping on an adjustable bed and reclining chair by elevating the head and knees can also alleviate pressure points on the joints.

Bursitis: This is an inflammatory condition that can be worsened by the use of a harder mattress. A less firm mattress with a pillow-top can reduce the pressure that aggravates the condition.

Sciatica and lower back pain: Those who suffer from this condition shall sleep in a reclined position with the help of a reclining chair, adjustable bed or wedge cushion. Recliner chair can give enough support to your back and legs can be elevated to an angle. Whereas adjustable bed is more beneficial as both the lower and upper portion can be adjusted in a customized way. You can lie down flat and elevate your knees with enough support by using a pillow under the knees that can help reduce back pain.

Recovering from spine surgery: For post-operative recovery, it is recommended to use an adjustable bed or recliner chair to enhance the patient’s comfort and fast recovery. This also helps the patient to get out of the bed easily. Lying on the back with soft pillows placed under the knee will be the most comfortable sleeping position for them.

Top Three Good Mattresses

Today, you have a wide range of mattress options available. The most popular ones are mentioned below.

Memory foam mattress:  This is the most popular one in today’s mattress world. Memory foam makes use of a firm inner core with varying layers of cushioning to provide extra support that contours to your body to relieve you from pressure points. This material also gets adjusted with the body temperature of the person sleeping on them.

Latex mattress: These mattresses are more receptive and bouncier. The latex material used in the manufacturing provides a cool and comfortable sleeping experience to the user.

Adjustable mattress: This can be adjusted according to personal requirements. Some of the adjustable mattresses come with the option to adjust the firmness of the mattress as per your requirements. These are very helpful for those who suffer from back pain.

However, it is recommended to try before buying the mattress for the comfort that offers and the degree of support that extends to the user. You can choose one from the above-mentioned top 3 mattresses for good sleep and relaxation. If you are making an online purchase, go through the terms and conditions thoroughly and choose the mattress from a hassle-free return policy. This will help you return the mattress in case you feel uncomfortable using it over some time.