Biggest Health and Fitness Trends of the 2020s So Far

We all knew that the 2020s would herald a new kind of world, but none of us could have expected that a global pandemic would change the world quite so thoroughly and quickly in 2020. With 2021 now upon us, it’s worth looking back over a tumultuous year, and picking out some of the health and fitness trends that look like they’re already here to stay from the 2020s. Read on to learn how to be on-trend in all areas of health and fitness.

Home Workouts

Bye-bye gym, hello home workouts. This has been by far the biggest trend in 2020, as many gyms across the world have closed, and home workout solutions, online classes, and workout products have been flying off the shelves in extra-quick time. With people more interested than ever in remaining fit and healthy over the course of subsequent lockdowns, it’s been a good year for firms that offer services and products aimed at the home workout market. And this is set to stay, as more and more people take to working out in the comfort of their own home.

Minor Surgeries

This has also been a year in which surgeries have taken an up-spike. There have been various posited reasons for this, including the fact that people have been able to recover in private rather than in public, and that individuals have been paying more attention to how they look after using Zoom for weeks and months on end. There are also health reasons why surgery—including plastic surgery—has been on-trend this year. For instance, labiaplasty surgery, as performed by Dr David Ghozland MD can be conducted for both cosmetic and health reasons—and often, for a combination of both.

Holistic Health

Health and fitness trends 2020

The continuing sense of spirituality around exercise has meant that hundreds of thousands of people are considering health and fitness as a whole, which includes everything from morning meditation to an evening of kickboxing in your back yard. It’s difficult to predict where this trend is headed, but it’s clear that this is one of the most important changes to society’s outlook in some time. Alternative medicines, meanwhile, continue to inspire more and more athletes and fitness gurus—and it appears that a shift away from the “artificial” is taking place across much of the business world.

Games and Scores

The rise of Peloton as a fitness company like no other has meant that other tech firms have been crawling for ways in which to compete in a relatively new marketplace that fuses tech, gaming, and fitness. When you have games that inspire you to keep fit, you’ll find that it’s much more satisfying to do your daily exercise. This is especially true for those who find it difficult to motivate themselves ordinarily for a little spot of fitness work. As such, you can expect this particular niche to boom in 2021, as more consumers find it easier to exercise with games, scores, and competition.

Make a note of these four trends, which look set to continue into the 2020s—defining the new health and fitness landscape.