The High Cost of a DUI and 3 Tips to Lower Your Risk of Getting One

A fun night out with friends at the local sports bar after a grueling workweek or enjoying a special girls night out with your besties at that trendy new club can have dire consequences. That is if you’ve unwittingly downed a few too many cocktails and decided to get behind the wheel and drive home. The chances are that the fun, relaxing evening laughing with your party pals will turn into a nightmare you could’ve never imagined when you hear the sirens and spot the red lights in your rear-view mirror.

A DUI can cost you thousands of dollars in fees via lost wages, restitution, towing, bond fees, and legal charges, to name a few. Not to mention the mental toll it will inevitably take. Being charged with a DUI wracks havoc on your emotional well-being. It’s especially horrific and embarrassing if this is your first offense. Even so, no matter what or when it is an expensive and gut-wrenching experience. If you need DUI services in Lexington there are plenty of options to choose from depending on your needs.

In many cases, you could lose your driver’s license, making it difficult to get to and from work and hampering your ability to earn a paycheck as you endeavor to find other modes of transportation. Relying on friends or family members can make it even more challenging. In short, the high cost of a DUI is much more than dollars and cents. It’s a dreadful life-changing experience. Read on to learn three tips on how to lower your risk of getting one.

Eat a Heavy Meal Before Drinking Alcohol 

Eating a heavy meal before consuming alcohol slows down the time it takes for the alcohol to enter your bloodstream diluting the “punch” of the drink. Additionally, munching on finger foods and snacks such as chips and salsa while enjoying a cocktail will keep your blood alcohol in check.

Pace Yourself – Slow Down

Drink a full glass of water in between each cocktail; this will fill you up and make you less likely to overindulge. If your group starts ordering shots, resist the urge to join them. Shots are a sure-fire way to lose track of time as well as the number of them you’ve consumed. Do not drink more than one alcoholic drink per hour unless you plan on not driving.

Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer or Other Low or No Alcohol Beverages 

Enjoying a fun night out doesn’t have to include cocktails. Just being with friends watching the game or dancing and laughing with your pals is a good time in and of itself. You may be thinking, “that’s all fine and good but I don’t like sodas, and when I go out I like fancy-looking drinks and/or the taste of beer.” The good news is that there are many non-alcoholic options to choose from, including a variety of tasty beer imposters and fancy-looking mocktails, all completely free of alcohol. Wine coolers are another excellent option.

Of course, the best way to ensure you won’t get charged with a DUI is not to drive if you’re impaired.