Anal itching, Causes for anal itching

There are numerous causes for anal itching. Some of them are common and less worrisome like sweating around the anal region. However, some are critical to health like anal cancer which should be taken care of swiftly. How does one even know when it is time to consult a medical professional? You might ask. When you have an anal itching condition there are several home remedies that can assist you to eliminate it. In a combination with a pruritus ani cure, you can feel better really fast. However, some cases require you to see a physician right away to avoid any further health complications. You can distinguish them by checking the following symptoms;

Fecal Deposits on Undergarments

The presence of fecal materials on your underwear should be a cause for alarm since it most likely indicates that your anal muscles are extremely weak. Their weakness allows the leakage of pieces of poop that can induce infections on the anal region, cause irritations and have an embarrassing bad odor. This condition can be caused by several aspects among them being the excessive consumption of coffee. You should see a doctor when such a symptom is evident to get the right treatment.

Excessive Diarrhea

There are numerous causes for a persistent diarrhea. While its effects on the body might also be numerous it is important to note that it can cause strain on the anus. Conditions like the inflatable bowel disorder are also known to be characterized by this symptom. Where there are spots of blood on the diarrhea you should see a doctor immediately.

Random Spotty Inflammations and Blisters

These are most common when you have anal fissures, eczema, or hemorrhoids. Such conditions can make your anal region to be irritated. When you scratch the inflamed areas the problem persists and can worsen as wounds are opened up and injuries deteriorate. Skin infections like scabies are also common and manifest in such symptoms and therefore a visit to the doctor might be necessary. The other condition is the keloid scar of skin which is known by hard even growths which develop as a result of scar tissue overgrowth.

Skin Infections

There are numerous kinds of yeast, bacterial and viral infections that can affect the anal area. Sexually Transmitted Diseases especially if you engage in anal sex from time to time should be your main concern. When they develop, one may get severe irritations as the skin infection spreads all around the anal region. Any infection of this kind needs to be taken seriously which is why you need to contact a physician to get the proper diagnosis and treatment.

There are other infections caused by parasites such as pinworms. You should be worried about this if you have young kids since the pinworms lay their eggs around the anus. This creates a discomfort and as such an irritation and urge to scratch. Hookworms can also prompt irritations on the anal region and they affect your lungs and or the small intestine.

Intolerable Rectal Bleeding

This is always a red flag and amongst the numerous conditions that it can point out is anal cancer. When you notice blood on your stool coupled up with a jelly-like discharge it is time to consult the doctor. Changes in the bowel movements as well as pain when passing stool are the other conditions for this disorder which induces extreme anal itchiness.