How to Look Glamorous with Very Little Time

What does it mean to be glamorous?  We hear the word, we use the word, we see it plastered across billboards, fashion magazines, and social media, but what does it mean for you, personally? When we look at a definition of glamour in the faithful old dictionary, it describes it as something; alluring, fascinating, attractive, with a special touch of charm.

Let’s be honest; we all have moments where we feel like the dog’s breakfast.  Occasionally though, there are times when we put in the extra effort, look at ourselves in the mirror, and think, not too shabby! We need to feel that feeling more often, and it doesn’t need to take much time at all.  Whether you are applying mineral powder foundation, or boasting a new pair of shoes, we should all feel glamorous. Let’s take a look at seven ways to make this happen every day, even when we have very little time.

Make an Effort with Your Hair

It is pretty amazing what just a little effort to your ‘mane’ can make.  Firstly, make sure your hair is clean; there is nothing less attractive than greasy hair!  I know we don’t all have the time or means to have our hair done at a salon regularly, so choose a style that is easy to maintain and one which suits you. If you have little time and just want to put it up, choose an attractive accessory to secure it; the shops are bursting with them. Your hair frames your beautiful face, and it is, after all, where your crown should go, so groom those locks, put in the effort, and feel like royalty.

Accessories to the Rescue

It doesn’t matter whether you are going for a casual or more formal glamour look; accessories make a big difference.  Rule of thumb, use them, but less is more when it comes to jewelry.  What I mean here is, don’t overdo it! Wearing too much jewelry can have the opposite effect to that which is intended, so select your pieces carefully.

Shoes, handbags, and belts, all of these can add to your glamorous look. When buying your accessories, make them versatile but also practical.  That bright pink belt may be very funky, but it will not go with everything in your closet.  Stick to the basics, and then choose a wild card or two.

Lastly, the humble scarf is a very versatile accessory that can glam up any outfit. Put on a bright textured scarf when you’re in a rush, they don’t cost a fortune, and they allow our personality to come through, with an array of patterns and colors available to suit any mood or personality.

Feel Fabulous in What you Wear

Feel Fabulous in What you Wear

Just because fashion trends dictate a particular style does not mean you have to follow them.  Part of being glamorous is creating something unique to you, making you look alluring and attractive. That said, ditch the ragged clothes, repair those which can be saved, and please, wear what suits your body shape.

If an item of clothing does not spark joy when you put it on, send it on its way.  You need to feel fabulous in everything you wear; otherwise, you will waste time in the morning while having your fashion crisis.  Stick to the basics by keeping a few classic items in your closet, items you can mix and match, which means clean lines and neutral colors.  There is no need to be boring, however, and this is where your accessories will make the outfit and where those wild card items like a glamorous patterned or colorful blouse will pack that punch. Remember, when in doubt, wear black!

Quick and Simple Makeup

There is absolutely no reason to spend hours on your makeup.  Having a plethora of products on the market today, we can keep it simple but still be effective when creating a glamorous look in an instant.

Start with a mineral foundation powder or a tinted moisturizer; this will give you a solid base, even out your skin, and hide any imperfections. Next, add a dab of bronzer using a large brush to provide you with a subtle glow. Now for the eyes, it is best to keep your eye color neutral for that glamorous look, and whether you use a bit of eyeshadow or a shadow stick, blend it onto your lid and then apply some mascara for the finishing touch. Next, give your eyebrows a little definition with an upward brush and a color fill-in; this will make you look instantly more awake. Lastly, dab on some neutral lip color, and voila, you’re good to go!

It’s the Little Things

We have all heard the saying, ‘it is the small things that matter.’ This truly applies when you want to look glamorous, and it need not take any time at all. It is a matter of habit and hygiene. Keep your nails looking good, your shoe heels repaired and intact, and your body clean.


You’re in a hurry, this we know, but splashing on a subtle, elegant fragrance will make all the difference.  Choose one which suits your body chemistry, it may even just be a body spritz, but it will be enchanting and attractive to those around you.  The same rule applies here as to accessories; however, less is more!


Stand Up Straight

The final tip for quick glamour doesn’t require much time, merely effort and being conscious.  Have you ever seen a glamorous person on the red carpet slouching? The answer is no because it is not very glamorous at all.  Focus on your posture; it is better for your back, it makes your clothes hang better and, believe it or not, will make you feel more confident and most certainly, make you look more glamorous.

Follow these seven tips to quick glamour, and you will be amazed how different you feel. You will feel happy and more confident, and this is an attractive quality.  Don’t save it for special occasions; you deserve more than that.  You deserve to feel elegant and gorgeous every single day.  Don’t do it for anyone else, do it for yourself and how you will feel about yourself.  Put in the effort, feel good, feel glamorous, and embrace your unique qualities.


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