pregnancy problems

Pregnancy, however, a beautiful phase, is tough, too! Ask a female and she’ll let you know how difficult it is to go through pregnancy. It is a beautiful feeling, but, at the same time, really tough one, too.

Lots or hormone-related changes happen in a female’s body during the pregnancy, which trigger some other problems. In addition to the hormone-related changes, there are other difficulties faced by the to-be mother.

This particular post lists top 10 problems that most of the to-be mothers face. Let us see all!

Top 10 Pregnancy Problems

1. Varicose Veins

However, not common, many females experience this painful condition during pregnancy. It is kind of a swollen bulge seen around legs and/or vulva. It is painful and can cause difficulty in walking and daily household chores.

Women suffering from varicose veins are advised to reduce the standing time and rest as much as possible. Special hoses and exercises are also recommended.

2. Backache

Backache is one of the most common problems that pregnant females face. It is quite obvious in a way! When your body has to carry extra weight, backbone with certainly feel the pressure. Moreover, to keep the body in balance, females generally tend to alter their walking posture, which, in turn, results in backache.

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3. Constipation

Pregnancy is a phase of hormonal changes. These hormonal chances usually result in hormonal imbalances, leading to different problems; constipation is one such problem. In this case, to-be mothers can take foods high in fiber and drink as much water as possible. Stool softeners should be taken under medical supervision.

4. Indigestion

Indigestion is another problem that pregnant ladies face. It is, again, resultant of hormonal changes. It can also be due to the fact that mothers often end up eating more, in order to compensate for their fetus, which can lead to indigestion. Framing a diet chart can prove to be really helpful in this case. Dietitians can be of great help in this phase.

5. Urine Infections

Urine infections are common in females, but to contract urine infection during pregnancy can be dangerous. There can be many reasons behind a UTI, with most common being non-hygienic conditions.

Should one experience any such symptoms, a gynecologist should be contacted straightaway. UTIs are not to be taken lightly, especially during pregnancy.

6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Body requires more of calcium and other vital nutrients during pregnancy. For females who are more into handwork and typing, experiencing pain and numbness in their fingers is very common. This is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Altering daily habits and resting can help a great deal with this painful condition.

7. Ectopic Pregnancy

Sometimes called tubal pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy occurs about once in every 100 pregnancies. It is a condition in which fertilized egg moves very slowly inside the fallopian tube, traveling to the uterus.

Symptoms can range from low back pain to abnormal vaginal bleeding, fainting, mild cramps, etc. Medical help should be looked to, immediately.

8. Gingivitis

It is a condition where gums swell and bleed, eventually. It is largely triggered because of hormonal changes happening across the body during pregnancy. It usually recedes with time. Dental consultant can be looked forward to, however, not essential.

9. Miscarriage

If not the most common, it is one of the problems that females face. Miscarriage is the last thing that any to-be mother can expect. This unfortunate condition can happen because of different reasons, ranging from lifestyle to work pressure, hormonal problems, maternal trauma, age, etc. Regular checkup is very essential to avoid this situation.

10. Sleeping Problems

This is one of the most common problems that every to-be mother experiences. Because of the increased size of the tummy, females usually find it difficult to be in a comfortable sleeping position. As safety of the unborn is at priority, to-be mothers usually end up sacrificing their sleep.

Most of these problems are part and parcel of pregnancy and cannot be done without. Generally, all the pregnant ladies learn to adjust with these problems with experience and time.

Most of these problems go away as the pregnancy concludes. We wish that every pregnant woman has a happy and safe pregnancy.