top 5 chest workouts for men

I thought of sharing some really important chest workouts that I learnt during my workout period. Chests are one of the important parts of our body that makes our appearance attractive in other people’s eyes. I faced problem with my lose chest and I know it looks really shameful.

Whenever I used to change my dress, I just close my eyes. I really hate those time. But through hard work and proper guideline I overcome my chest problems and now I have a good body. The six pack shortcuts program not only focuses on the excess body fat lose but also building muscle.

Now I’m going to some proven tips that helped me changed my chest fast and easily. These are some great in home workouts that you can follow for your chest.

Chest Exercise #1 – The Barbell Bench Press

This is one of the top ranked power chest workouts for men that are being used for a long time for building chest muscles. It’s a standard exercise for increasing size and strength in the chest. It can be performed in few variations, when you perform this will focus more on the upper part of your chest to build chest muscles.

barbell bench press for chestHow To Perform – Lie down on a standard bench that doesn’t move while you’re laid down. Your foot needs to be flat on floor and your gluts tight to the bench. Now take the bar or barbell and put it in front of your chest. Now drive your both arms straight up while making sure that you keep yourself flat on the bench.

Chest Exercise #2 – Dumbbell Bench Press

This chest workout is similar to the previous one. It focuses more on the intended function of the pectoral muscle. This workout works in the midline part of the body and it can be found easier to do.

Dumbbell bench press is easier to perform since the weights that you’re using to workout aren’t connected together. These exercises with dumbbells are really effective in total.

Dumbbell Bench PressHow To Perform – Like before you need to lie down on a standard bench that doesn’t move while you’re laid down. Your foot needs to be flat on floor and your gluts tight to the bench. Now take a dumbbell in each hand rest which your shoulders can bear and now push them up and away from your body.

Chest Exercise #3 –Push-ups

Push-ups are really important in our overall chest exercise. Since bench press will work for a certain area whereas push-ups will work on the overall chest building process.

push upsHow To Perform – Take you position and get down on your hands and knees. Many of you already know the push-up position, but still. Now place your both hands apart from your shoulder, it should be approximately shoulder width. Don’t take to too much apart otherwise you can hurt yourself.

Now push yourself against the floor with all your energy and now push back to first place. In this way you will have a good grip on your chest. But as a beginner you should start slowly.

Chest Exercise #4 – Parallel Bar Dips

Parallel Bar Dips are one of the most effective and often performed chest exercises that helps in getting chest ripped.

Parallel Bar DipsHow To Perform – Hold the handles of parallel dip apparatus carefully while making sure that your body is balanced between them. Now low forward slowly for the first time and continue doing it. Slowly and gradually put body pressure to it. Don’t give too much pressure otherwise you may hurt yourself.

Chest Exercise #5 – Decline Bench Press

Another well performed chest exercise is decline bench press. It’s similar to the one that we previously did. It works on pectorals, deltoids and triceps muscle group.

Decline Bench PressHow To Perform – Take a bench that is adjustable and move the seat to decline. Now you need to move your barbell lower until it touches the lower chest. Make sure your arms are at 45 degree angle to your flanks. Now move your hands up and down to perform it correctly.

I hope I was able to deliver some good to you. I have also included the body position of each exercise so that you can easily adopt those.