Vegetarian bodybuilding diet

There is often a misconception that the people who are on a vegetarian diet stay behind when it comes to bodybuilding. But that is not true! Even if you want to add protein in your diets for muscle gain you can do that too by maintaining proper diet.

Protein being the most important nutrient for increasing muscle mass can also be added through vegetarian diet. All you need to know is how you can maintain a proper vegetarian bodybuilding diet. With a lot of research and consulting the top-notch nutritionists, here are some great diet tips for the people who maintain vegetarian lifestyle:

Tips #1: Intake Protein Rich Foods

The most important thing for the vegetarian bodybuilders is to include a lot of protein in their diet. Since their diet is void of meats and fishes, protein from plants will constantly provide nutrients to promote growth of muscles. Proteins are mainly formed of amino acids and these are the building blocks of the tissues and muscles.

Intake Protein Rich Foods

Some of the foods that are highly rich in protein are cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, chickpeas, beans, tofu and spinach etc. You can even take soy based protein powder to increase the protein intake. This will help in building muscle mass in your body and will thus help you in muscle building.

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Tips #2: Consume A Lot Of Vegetables & Fruits

This is a must-have for the vegetarian bodybuilders. If you are one of them, then you must already know that you need multivitamins for bodybuilding. And nothing can be more perfect and better than taking in fresh fruits and vegetables. Even the fruits like avocado, banana, apple, berries, oranges and pomegranates are full of high-quality nutrients that also act as antioxidant.

Consume A Lot Of Vegetables & Fruits

The vegetables like tomato, spinach, broccoli etc also contain some healthy nutrients which help to keep your immunity system strong. You can try all types of fruits and green vegetables on your diet. To make it interesting often you can try smoothies. The reason smoothies are better than juices is that you get to intake fibers which is extremely essential for bodybuilding.

Tips #3: Right Amount Of Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are undoubtedly a crucial source for gaining energy. If you are into bodybuilding then you will need a lot of energies for your body. Even carbohydrates help to build muscles. For the vegetarian bodybuilders it is extremely important to try complex carbohydrates such as wheat pasta, whole grain breads and cereals. These are digested slowly to provide a continuous supply of energy for a long period of time.

Right Amount Of Carbohydrate

It is better if you can swap your rice or brown for quinoa. It tastes more or less like oatmeal and brown rice but is much healthier than that of brown rice. Brown rice is a good source of carbohydrate but more than that quinoa is a complete source of high protein which is much more needed.

Tips #4: Have Nuts For Fuel

Fat is one more thing that one should not forget to take for bodybuilding. Of course healthy fats are a must for vegetarian bodybuilding diet. And the best way to add some healthy fats in your diet is via nuts. Nuts are a healthy source of fats and can provide a lot of last-longing energy to your body. It also helps in gaining muscles easily.

Have Nuts For Fuel

Some of the essential fatty acids are derived from flaxseeds, walnuts etc. You can also start adding peanut butter in your diet. Natural peanut butter is made up of peanuts and it can boost the overall calorie intake of your body. And of course it is a healthy play. You can add it over breads or even add some to your oatmeal along with fruits. Even you can add peanut butter in your smoothies.

Tips #5: Avoid Any Overly And High Processed Foods

One of the biggest mistakes that many vegetarian bodybuilders make is to rely on the heavy and overly processed foods. Always remember that the processed foods contain a lot of unhealthy and harmful ingredients in them as preservatives. These can be quite harmful for your diet. Eating healthy is very important for bodybuilding or else you can sabotage the entire diet program.

Avoid Any Overly And High Processed Foods

Tips #6: Intake Of Multivitamins

Of course, when you are on a strict diet for bodybuilding and you are a vegetarian you have to make sure that you take a lot of vitamins. Multivitamins for bodybuilding is very much important. Various sources of Vitamins are yogurt (Vitamin B), cheese and paneer (Vitamin A), milk (Vitamin D), broccoli and spinach (Vitamin C).

Intake Of Multivitamins

You must have many more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vital vitamins and minerals. Undoubtedly vitamins are important for your body. Even taking multivitamin supplements can help you a lot. But when buying it is better for you to choose 100% natural supplements without any harmful chemicals or ingredients in it. If you want to know how to choice best multivitamin for you, see this post.

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Tips #7: Don’t Forget To Have Seeds In Diet

The main motive of any bodybuilding diet is to focus on muscle building. And without the inclusion of seed in that diet, muscle building diet is incomplete. So, it is always better to add some healthy seeds full of essential fatty acids, fiber and protein in your diet.

Don’t Forget To Have Seeds In Diet

Seeds like flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and chia seeds are best for your diet. They are infused with a lot of essential fatty acids and fiber. These essential fatty acids help to reduce the inflammation and help the tissues to recover after workout. You can add seeds in smoothies or even sprinkle some in curries and salads.


So, these are the top 7 vegetarian bodybuilding diet tips for you. If you are a vegetarian then it is obvious you have to take special care of your diet to increase the muscle and increase the mass. You need to follow these tips and prepare a complete diet chart for you that will cover all the essential nutrients in a day. Breads with peanut butter, smoothies or salads with seeds, quinoa with veggies and of course yogurt or cottage cheese for proteins are some of the important things that you need to take daily.