How To Stall The Effects Of Aging

There are not many things that are guaranteed in life, but the nation wanting to stay young usually falls into this category.

Unfortunately, through a combination of our birth certificate and the way in which our body changes, this just isn’t going to happen. As the title of today’s post might have already suggested, we are going to focus on the latter through the course of the page.

Sure, over the last few years it has certainly become a lot easier to “manage” the situation, and you can turn to a facelift in Mexico or most other countries pretty easily. In terms of more general pointers, let’s now jump into several ways you can halt the aging process in its tracks and look much younger than you really are.

Be Shrewd With The Sun

We all love a tan, let’s not try and change this perception. However, there are right and wrong ways to get one and if you are heading out of the house without any sunscreen, you are asking for trouble.

Even if it doesn’t “sunny”, there are UV rays out there which will wreak havoc with your skin. Some studies have revealed that people tend to suffer with this more whilst driving – with one side of their face tending to get the brunt end of the stick as a result of this. If you notice that one half of your face happens to be red and potentially irritated, there’s every chance that you fall into said category.

The Hidden Side Effects Of Coffee

There have been all sorts of studies based on coffee over the last few years, with most surrounding the fact that it is a diuretic and subsequently dehydrates you (and your skin, more importantly).

Something else which has come to life is that this is quite an acidic substance. As such, it burns calcium and is more likely to promote redness in your skin – which obviously makes you look older.

The Wonders Of Calcium In Your Youth

In our early 20s, our bones develop more than they ever have, and more than they ever will. Unfortunately, as this period passes, it becomes very hard to strengthen your bones and you tend to lose mass in them.

This is one of the most obvious signs that is part of the aging process. It means that you should look to top up your calcium supplies as much as possible, and ultimately make your bones as strong as possible in your 20s. Try and adapt your diet to do this.

Sometimes It’s About Thinking Young

Finally, let’s take a look at your brain health. Suffice to say, this is something that deteriorates as time progresses.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Some might tap into more modern methods such as the brain training apps, but for those who rely more on science you can take advantage of omega-3 DHA supplementation which has been found to take as many as three years off your brain’s age.