hair removal cream

When you think of removing unwanted hair, the first thing you might suggest is shaving. While this may be a way to temporarily get rid of unwanted facial hair, it will soon grow back.  Unwanted hair is something that affects both women and men. For men, this is not really a big deal since beards and mustaches can be quite fashionable. For women, however, it’s a different story.

It can be a tough task to find a product that gives desired results, hence eliminates shaving or waxing and the cost of removal unwanted hair through laser therapy or electrolysis is far too expensive for many.

Tips and Facts on Hair Removal

Now the sun is shining, you could have plucked up the courage to step out of the house with summer dress on and legs on show, yes those legs that have been in hibernation all winter. You are finally feeling confident again, and you get to the office, sit down at your desk and notice that those thick back hairs have grown back? Where did they come from?! You only shaved 2 days ago. This has happened to the very best of us, but it can still get awkward and embarrassing. It has taken so long for your confidence to build up and you are straight away shot back down again! It’s not only annoying but it can be extremely irritating and uncomfortable, which can leave you skin sore and bumpy.

You need to get rid of the hair but shaving over those bumps can make the problem even worse! So what on earth can you do to just become hair free and normal? It seems like an impossible task!

Here are some factors you should consider before choosing your hair removal method:

  • Economical
  • As Painless As Possible
  • Natural, Safe, Kind To The Skin
  • Convenient
  • Long Lasting

1. Waxing

Well don’t even go there, if you want to go as far as physically torturing yourself then this is the way forward. I personally can’t handle that amount of pain, it’s distressing and difficult. Also, I think that it’s not worth making yourself so sore you can hardly walk.

You can also spend all day plucking the hairs on with tweezers, if you would like to spend the rest of your life getting through them. I give up! Surely there is better things in life that we could invest this time and effort in.

2. Laser Treatment

laser hair removal method

It is one of the most important other technique that is much speculated about, in the market as a reliable best option. There are some major advantages in resorting to this particular treatment for sure. At the same time, you need to see both sides of the coin here.

Firstly, the method is a costlier approach that may not be suitable for all the segments of people in the society. Secondly, you cannot get all the hair removed once for all, just within one session of the laser treatment of any kind. You have to visit the removal clinic for more than a few times, at regular intervals, all until you get a complete cure. It means all until you get all the hair removed once for all. Therefore, again, it is a time-consuming process, that will warrant you heavy expenditure each time. Moreover, there are side effects in some people who are allergic to the radiation. Therefore, it is advisable that you need to consult a skin specialist to undergo a test ahead of the treatment approval.

Does all of this sound familiar? Don’t worry ladies! We’ve all experienced scenarios like this, and hair growth believe it or not is a natural process, but we have been made to feel like this is abnormal thanks to the perfect airbrushed bodies that we see in the media.

3. Hair Removal Creams

hair removal cream

In my opinion, I’ve found the best product for all your unwanted hair problems and that is hair removal creams. Hair removal cream work wonders because they contain natural products that benefit your skin.

All you have to do is apply the cream, wait and then wipe off. It’s really is as simple as that. These products don’t remove hair permanently straight away but they work over a gradual period of time because they break down hair follicles so hair appears thinner, gradually over time hair will begin to fall out but the key is to be patient, then you’ll get fabulous results, but more importantly re-gain your confidence.

What methods do you use to remove unwanted hair from your body? Let us know. We are excited to hear from you.