What is visceral fat

The strong desire for six pack abs among men and women appears to be motivated by society’s push for young, shapely and beautiful bodies.

Toned abs, after all, are synonymous with sex appeal where both sexes are concerned. But flat, toned and muscled abs is not just for vanity’s sake.

Scientific research has uncovered that men and women with wide girths have higher risks for cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, diabetes and other chronic degenerative diseases.

The six pack abs diet then takes on another dimension of importance beyond the attainment of a hunky or sexy body.

Visceral Fat Explained

First, it must be emphasized that individuals with wide girths are more likely to have greater amounts of visceral fat. This is where the imperative need for six pack abs comes in, as we shall see later.

Visceral fat accumulates around the internal organs particularly the liver. These fat cells are less numerous than subcutaneous fat but are more dangerous in two basic ways:

  • Because of their large size, visceral fat cells become atrophied and then produce cytokines, hormones that promotes inflammation. Cytokines have been closely linked to tumor growth, hypertension, and aging, among other unhealthy consequences.
  • Because visceral fat cells are stored around the liver, the organ’s functions are also adversely affected. Keep in mind that the liver processes fats so that any adverse effects on it will lead to arteries hardened by fat deposits particularly of LDL cholesterol. You are then more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis as well as suffer from heart attacks.

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Ideal Visceral Fat

Of course, visceral fat is important in the body’s healthy functioning especially as it provides for a protective cushion for the organs.

However, too much visceral fat will result in the above mentioned risks for various diseases and disorders so it is important to lessen its presence in your body.

Your first step is to work for six pack abs – or their equivalent of a slimmer waist first.

So, how slim is slim? Health experts assert that men with waistlines of 40 inches or greater are high risk while women with waistlines of 35 inches and above are also considered high risk.

If you fall in one of these categories, we suggest starting on your weight loss program; the six pack abs is just icing on the cake, so to speak, but a very good icing, at that.

Fighting Visceral Fat

The good news is that you can fight visceral fat. Here’s how:

  • Adopt a healthy diet like the six pack abs diet. The main emphasis is on eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains while eliminating greasy, fatty and processed foods from the diet. Saturated fats are a big no-no.
  • Adopt an exercise program that can trim your waistline while also strengthening your entire body. A combination of cardio, weight training and flexibility training is best.

Indeed, achieving six pack abs is not just a matter of vanity but a matter of living a healthy, long and happy life.