Warning Signs and Early Symptoms on Breast cancer

There were 1,55,000 cases of breast cancer in India in 2015 and the situation is becoming worse every year. Regular breast examination is highly suggested to every woman. Detecting breast cancer is not as easy as it sounds. According to a study, until the lumps are 20 or more millimetres, they are not very easy to feel or detect. In fact, one in ten tumours are not even detected through mammograms at times. Hence, if the patient feels or see symptoms of breast cancer, she should get examined as soon as possible.

Doctors suggest that the easiest way to check for symptoms of breast cancer is to check for lumps. Doctors usually double-check this with mammogram x-rays as this helps them to get a basic pathway to check the breast tissues. Some of the possible symptoms of breast cancer are skin irritation or dimpling, redness or scaliness of the nipple or breast skin, breast or nipple pain, swelling of the breast or parts of it, nipple discharge and nipple retraction. Upper back pain can also be indicative of this cancer but that might not mean every back pain is due to cancer.

Most of the times the type of breast cancer depends on her diet, environment and lifestyle. These factors dictate how hormones are produced and balanced. Hence, hormonal imbalance is the main factor in determining the risk of this form of cancer. Lack of iodine or vitamin D can also result in breast cancer. Some other factors that can increase the risk of breast cancer are family history, being overweight, any previous treatment involving radiation therapy, excessive alcohol consumption, no physical activity, early menstrual period, late or no pregnancy, dense breasts or exposure to chemicals in food.

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Going for mammograms too often can also result in cancer because of the radiations breast tissues absorb. A better option would be to go through routine cancer screenings such as Thermography wherein doctors only look for unusual growth. If the patient feels occasional throbbing, pain or discomfort in the breast area, she should visit the doctor and get a thorough examination.

In severe cases, surgery for breast cancer is the only option left. The patient can check regarding the surgery packages online. There are two kind of surgery to remove the cancerous part namely, Breast conserving surgery which is also known as Partial Mastectomy or Lumpectomy. In this form of surgery for breast cancer, only the affected part is removed along with surrounding tissue. The other type of surgery is called Mastectomy wherein the entire breast is removed. There are different types of mastectomy as well like Total Mastectomy, Preventive Mastectomy, Radical Mastectomy, Modified Radical Mastectomy and Partial Mastectomy.

Breast cancer cannot be prevented as many factors are not in your hands but it needs to be detected early in order to take preventive measures. It needs to be stopped before it spreads and reaches a bad stage. Make sure regular screenings are performed. Do not take any sign lightly but at the same time, do not get paranoid because of irrelevant signs. Ensure that you are on a healthy diet and are physically active and do everything possible to avoid the risk of breast cancer. All you need to do is be proactive about your breast health.


  1. Applauds! Breast health is very important for healthy living for women.They are one of the most beautiful assets that a women possesses and do require constant care. But in this fast moving life it really becomes difficult to get yourself tested regularly.

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