male infertility treatment

Lack of ability of a man to cause pregnancy in a fertile woman is called male infertility. Male infertility problem is rising in a fast pace in most of the developing cities in turn leading to the growth of more fertility clinic in Mumbai which is a city with abundant increase in people smoking tobacco from 2.9% in 2009-2010 to the doubled amount in 2016-2017. Some reasons for infertility are:

Abnormal sperm production or function: Sperm production problem comes as a result of infections, exposure to harmful radiations, usage of unwanted damageable chemicals and medicines, torsion which means twisting of testis in scrotum and various other reasons which are still not found.

Problems with the delivery of sperms: The absence of vas deference which is the passage to transfer sperm during ejaculation, infections and vasectomy will block the delivery of sperm.

Healthy state of sperm: Production of sperm must be proper with at least one of the testicles producing sperms. The healthy movement and functioning of sperm is required for it reach the partner’s egg.

Damage related to cancer and its treatment: The cancer treatment which uses high energy rays to kill cancer cells leads to disruption in sperm ejaculation process and hormone production.

Exposure to environmental factors: Heavy or frequent use of alcohol lowers testosterone levels and sperm quality and quantity and exposure to radiations will cause infertility.

Emotional stress: Stress has a probability to interfere with sperm secreting hormone

Weight: Obesity impairs fertility in many ways, apart from direct impact of sperms itself it also causes hormone changes that reduce male fertility.

The treatment options for reducing infertility keeps developing day by day, new researches and technologies bring in developed health care.

How do I Treat infertility?


  • Hormonal: Correction of hormonal imbalance can be done using hormone secretion tablets like follicle stimulating hormone is very effective and other infections are treated by normal medication.
  • Antibiotics: In case of infections antibiotics are suggested to cure it.

High tech treatment procedures:

  • Donor Insemination: Sperm is obtained from another man and inserted into the vagina of the woman via a syringe.
  • ICSI: This is the most successful form of treatment for men where the sperm count is either zero or very less. In this treatment the sperm need not travel through the outer walls of the egg.
  • IVF: In vitro fertilization is another technique where eggs are extracted and sperm samples are manually combined, then those embryos are inserted into the uterus.
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) – In the case of week sperm of your spouse, insertion of sperm into uterus using a flexible catheter. The selection of sperms for this process is a concentrated dose of either the spouse’s sperm or a sperm from donor if required which is clearly washed and separated from the seminal fluid in order to remove chemicals. This works best along with fertility drugs.

General Things To Follow:

  • Avoiding hot showers and usage of hot tubs can treat infertility.
  • Wearing looser underwear.

All the above are common treatment options and reasons why fertility happens in men. Prevention is always better than cure, but it takes a lot of self-effort for the prevention part. The growth of metropolitan cities have seen a growth in the healthcare technologies as well. For a city like Mumbai, the number of fertility hospital in mumbai are constantly on a rise. Though people are sceptical in sharing their joy of an IVF baby, this stigma is steadily broken by media.