What is a Good Electric Muscle Stimulator

An Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS) is perhaps one of the best creations known to man. Okay, that may have been a bit of an exaggeration, but many people constantly find it difficult to exercise every day because of joint problems or just because it’s hard. This technology has been around for decades and electrostimulation fitness with imotion-ems.com has actually helped a number of people not only with firming up their sagging love handles, but also with managing muscle pain and injury.

How does An Electric Muscle Stimulator work?

So, how does this machine actually work? In a nutshell, muscles are stimulated by electrical impulses called action potentials. The brain is responsible for producing these action potentials that cause the muscle to contract. By using this device, it mimics the same stimulation that a muscle gets from action potentials of Electric Muscle Stimulator from the brain by allowing impulses from the machine pass onto electrodes on the skin and… Voila! Muscle contraction is produced.You can then avoid having to do all those difficult crunches that could even possibly cause you to strain or even injure your back. But let’s say for example that you already have pain in your muscles, this device can still help you as it has been used by many physical therapists and chiropractors in doing electrical muscle stimulation therapy. Typically, a TENS Unit or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Unit is used to deliver impulses that effectively promote good circulation and healing in an injury.

You must now be thrilled about the benefits you can have by using EMS and probably want to buy your very own electric muscle stimulator at Walmart. There are so many EMS devices currently available in the market and a lot of electric muscle stimulator review articles available online. But how do you really know which one of the EMS devices on the market is the best? There are four main things that you have to look for.

Which Electric Muscle Stimulator should I buy?

Step One

First, determine which of your options can provide you the best function attuned to what you need. You can choose between having 2, 4, or 8 electrodes depending on how many muscle groups you want to target simultaneously. The more electrodes you have, the bigger the area you can cover. But you don’t really need an electric muscle builder with 32 electrodes just for your stomach, do you? So, buy the one that suits your lifestyle and need.Also, you may want a system that gives you the best control options. You can opt for either a digital, analog, or button mechanism. Regardless of which one you choose though, the most important thing perhaps is that it has an on and off button… just saying. But really, having more control over frequency and duration of impulses can have a wider range of use for your device. It would also be useful if it had a variety of modes to choose from, such as constant stimulation, bursts, or a combination of both. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt if it had perks such as an auto-off function, which can help you avoid overworking your muscles when you when you accidentally fall asleep when using it.

Step 2

Second, quality is also important. You wouldn’t want to go and buy an EMS unit and have it breakdown on you after only using it once (Twice would probably be okay… Fine, I’m kidding). The primary point of contact between the machine and your body are the electrodes. Make sure to carefully check the pads for possibility of easy wear and tear. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a unit that literally jolts you. Also, make sure that your device can keep the electrodes targeted on the right muscle groups. Some machines have electrodes that keep sliding off or getting out of place that continuous stimulation of the right muscle groups can sometimes be difficult.

Step 3

Next, safety is a primary concern especially with any instrument or intervention that we use on our bodies. People have asked about potential electric muscle stimulator side effects. Generally, these machines are safe to use. Some mild side effects include slight muscle tenderness for a day or so after use, as well as redness and skin irritation. But hey, you can get these from exercising as well and with EMS, you don’t even have to break a sweat. Still, do your research and try to look for one with a good safety profile. Ideally, devices should undergo research and testing before going on the market and most of them indicate that in the packaging. A more simple approach though would be to assess the unit yourself. If the unit looks like you could’ve made it from stuff lying around in your garage, I think you should think twice before buying it.

Step 4

Last, but most definitely not the least, you should check for the price. Prices can range from $99 to $200 or more. Look for what gets you the most out of your buck and you can never go wrong with that.

An Electric Muscle Stimulator Saves the Day!

The bottomline is that an electric muscle stimulator can build muscle, help resolve injury and alleviate pain.A person can consider so many things when buying a device like this. The important thing, however, is to always remember that this all goes back to the importance of health. An Electric Muscle Stimulator can be of great help as we take charge and strive for a healthier lifestyle.