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What Should You Eat For Breakfast?

There is a huge debate between people about what you should eat for breakfast and what you should not. The truth is that in many cases we are faced with people that end up eating breakfasts that are not at all healthy. This is never a good idea.

Obviously, you can always have something that is tasty like a pitaya bowl but it is a great idea to just focus on healthy options. It is something that is going to help you out a lot at the end of the day. You can choose out of many interesting opportunities. Those that are written below are going to be very good, according to most nutritionists out there.

#1. Eggs

Eggs have been considered as a great breakfast option for years now. Many do not eat the eggs because there are around 212 mg of cholesterol included. That is quite a lot when looking at many other foods. What many do not understand is that when you eat eggs in the morning this is not a problem.

An egg will always include close to 70 calories and around 6 g. of protein. Make sure that you mainly focus on the yellowish center. That is where most of the beneficial nutrients will be found.

#2. Whole Grains

Whole grains like cereal, oatmeal, muesli and bread will always be highly beneficial. You gain access to heart healthy fibers that aid you because they help lower blood pressure and cholesterol problems. Breakfast cereals will include around 5 grams of useful fibers. Combine them with low fat milk and you end up with a breakfast option that is really healthy. Be sure you will avoid the cereals that include added sugars, even if they are whole-grain.

What to eat for breakfast

#3. Peanut Butter

There are many cases in which parents do not let children eat peanut butter. That is not necessarily a good idea since you can find around 8 grams of great protein in 2 tablespoons. You should try to have protein included in basically all meals so that the body can have its blood sugar levels regulated.

Peanut butter is a great option that can be used to replace traditional breakfasts like pancakes, juice and syrup since these options would spike blood sugar levels. Also, peanut butter comes with mostly good unsaturated fats.

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#4. Fruit

Fruit is actually really good in the morning. You surely already know a lot about how important it is to eat fruit with every meal and as a snack option but did you know that it is also very good when you eat in the morning? Most people do not.

The idea is that fruits will include various different nutrients. As a simple example, in blueberries you will find high quantities of antioxidants and in oranges the vitamin C content will be higher than with other options.


The options we presented above are definitely going to be interesting. It is really important that you eat them and that you include them in your daily routine. Obviously, many others will be truly tremendous.


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