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12 Things to Leave Behind Before the End of the Year

As you look back at the last twelve months and prepare to enter the New Year, consider the things you might be willing to abandon as you move forwards. Whether you struggle with painful emotional baggage, low self-esteem or an unhelpfully negative attitude, a new year offers the perfect opportunity to create a clean slate. Consider leaving the following twelve things behind as 2019 approaches.

1. Grudges

By holding onto grudges, you allow those who have hurt you to retain a place in your heart and mind. Although you may not yet be able to forgive these people for the things they have done, committing to a process of disentanglement creates more space for happiness and positivity in your life. You may find that writing letters you never intend to send can help you to externalize some of the hurt or anger you feel.

2. Insecurity

While it is easier said than done to become self-confident, you can start by telling yourself that you do your best to silence your inner critic in the coming year. Everyone has good qualities and innate worth, so start connecting with the truth about your own value. Try practicing daily affirmations that focus on the fact you deserve to be loved.

3. Regrets

If regrets are allowed to fester, they keep you focused on the past and stop you from appreciating the gifts the present has to offer. Leave your regrets behind and vow to avoid beating yourself up for past missteps. In addition, consider that every difficult experience in your life has the power to teach you something positive and useful that may enable future success.

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New Years Rolutions To Live A Happy Life

4. Procrastination

Procrastination is a seductive defense mechanism that allows you to occupy yourself with tasks that distract you from engaging with the potential for change. If you make the effort to cut down on activities like mindless internet browsing and excuse-making, you’ll be amazed by how much you accomplish in the New Year.

5. Negativity

A wide range of studies show that positive thinking is strongly associated with increases success and well-being, so shed those pessimistic old assumptions and start believing that the very best is possible. To kick-start this change in mindset, try visualizing your most exciting goals every night before going to sleep.

6. Toxic relationships

Do you have acquaintances who drain your resources or ex-partners who cause emotional turmoil by drifting in and out of your life? Now is the ideal time to close the book on these destructive relationships, using your love to create and nurture reciprocal, trusting bonds instead. While ending old relationships can trigger guilt, remember that you have a right to take care of yourself.

7. Second-guessing

Try to trust yourself and end the habit of doubting your ability to make good decisions. Think about how many times you have chosen the right path and realize that your intuition is a powerful resource. When you are truly paralyzed by indecision, try mapping out your choices using a pen and paper, itemizing pros and cons. This active approach to tough choices will help to empower you.

8. Envy

Don’t waste your time wishing you had jobs, relationships, homes or material possessions that belong to other people. Instead, take that desire for change and invest it in the process of meeting your goals. Try to remember that there is enough success in the world to go around!

Before the year ends

9. Labeling

You might label yourself in a way that reflects experiences you had at school or in your family of origin, but sticking to predefined roles can be constraining. Carrying a label around often ensures a cyclical self-fulfilling prophecy that keeps you stuck in the past. As you move into the New Year, recognize that your personal development has allowed your identity to move beyond those old labels.

10. Wastefulness

Could you help the planet by being more conscious of opportunities for environmental friendliness? It is an excellent idea to be more frugal with resources in the coming year. Consider walking or taking public transport instead of driving, make the effort to recycle whenever you can, and banish bottled water from your shopping list.

11. Overgeneralization

Try to avoid believing that bad experiences from the past will necessarily reoccur in your life. For example, having had painful breakups in the past does not guarantee you a life of rejection and misery. Making these types of overgeneralizations can skew your perception of the future and actually exert a subconscious pull that leads you to repeat unhealthy patterns of behavior.

12. Fear

Instead of letting anxiety control you, be brave as you look towards the future! Take chances, embrace your dreams, and let go of the fear that has been holding you back. Open your mind to the idea that 2019 could be your happiest year yet.

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