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WARNING: DO NOT BUY Weider Pro 4950 Until You Read This Review!

Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Weider Pro 4950 is a relatively new trainer made for overall strength workouts, since it offers 150 pounds weight stack and progressive resistance of up to 325 pounds. This is enough for those who have never visited the gym or simply amateurs. The machine allows you to start with small step with just five pounds. Then you can simply add more pounds. However, this system is not upgradable. If you have ripped muscles, you won’t be able to increase resistance beyond 325 pounds. But if you are not aiming for massive build, you can find this machine useful in your house. This model features two sets of weight stations and stacks, which makes it suitable for training of two people at a time. You can easily adjust the weights and use the trainer for different purposes. Its seats are adjustable to be used by people of any height.

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The trainer is said to be suitable for both men and women, for building strong muscles or just toning the muscles. The system provides smooth movements, according to the manufacturer. It is done due to the Precision System that used for high-quality bearings and bushings. However, some users report experiencing not so smooth movements of the pulleys. You are not expected to experience any snapping, jarring, or crunching under the force of your weight. You can benefit from the full range of motion with such strong cables, as the company claims. The frame is also very sturdy. At least you don’t have to worry that the device will fall down while you are exercising on it. Let us take a look at some other characteristics of Weider Pro 4950.

Customer Reviews – Does Weider Pro 4950 Really Work?

There is a limited number of customers’ reviews on the internet about this trainer. You can find both positive and negative testimonials. Even though the manufacturer claims that the system provides full body workout, it appears not to be quite so. It only offers seven stations but the price is quite high. The trainer is not suitable for working out all major muscle groups. There is another concern of customers. The trainer is not easy to setup, as promised by the manufacturer. This is a large machine with many details, and it is difficult to assemble even if you follow all the instructions. The Weider Pro 4950 is bulky, be ready to deal with a number of larger and smaller parts. You will need to be handy with matching sockets with a wrench. If you have never set up anything of the kind before, you might need some help. According to statistics, the average setup time for most buyers is 10 hours. Are you ready to spend so much time on assembling this machine? I think it will be faster to go to the gym and work out there. Besides, tightening the screws too much can cause faster wear and tear or your home gym due to the pressure applied on it.

Before buying a Weider Pro 4950 you are recommended to get some planning done. Make sure that you know where to place the system. You may be very surprised or even shocked if you haven’t found the required space beforehand. It must be a room enough for exercising of two people. The minimal space you may require is triangular in shape and is around 7 feet on all sides. If you want to attach the row and leg extensions, you will need even more space, so allow another 7 feet for everything. What customers don’t like about the product is that the preacher pad is not ideal. It isn’t good enough, since when you use it, the cable rubs up against it, creating friction that wears out the pad very quickly. Weider Pro 4950 is not for short users. If you are taller than 6 feet, you will be able to exercise without any problems but if you are shorter, you will face problems reaching for some parts. The chest fly will be too high for a use who is 5’8″. Even adjusting the seat can fail to help you. Thus, the chest fly becomes simply useless. It is not convenient to work out your pecs by standing up. What do actual users think about their purchase? Let’s check it up.

“The only reason why I bought Weider Pro 4950 is because it was on sale at Sears. It cost me a low price, but now I understand why. It is full of flaws which I am going to describe now. According to the assembly manual, the pin for the weights is on the inside of the system. However, it needs to be on the outside of the equipment. While putting it together, I noticed this drawback but I trusted it was the way it should be. Second, there were two bolts underneath the weights for me to tighten. The process was really bothersome. Third, the shrouds covering the weights were too long and even touched the floor. Some parts that connect this shroud were missing. I am going to visit the Sears store to see what part is missing”

“The arms on my WeiderPro 4950 break too often. They cannot even handle the weight. It irritates me a lot. The screws that connect the pad to the frame cannot be tightened and secured well. The nut must be secured inside the seat but it moves together with the screw. It is impossible to get the screw out. I had to contact the company’s Customer Care but I was not responded yet. I will inform what happens later. I hope the issue will be resolved. I would never buy this trainer and I do not recommend it to anyone else”

“Since I wasn’t pleased with my Weider pro 4950, I called a service tech several times. What this specialist does is stops by and inspects the system. Then he orders the parts that need to be replaced and leaves. An hour later I look at the receipt left by the tech and I see that he left out the seat frame. I call him back and he calls me back. As a matter of fact, he forgets to include the frame for the seat. I will never buy anything from this company. They have a very poor service. I have just unforgettable experience”

My Final Summary

Weider Pro 4950 comes with a number of disadvantages. Even though the weight system itself doesn’t seem to be expensive but it appears that you are getting what you are paying for. Preacher pad is prone to wear and tear. The equipment tends to break very fast, its details are not gathered well together. It takes a long time to set up the system too. You may need to send the whole day assembling the system. Weider Pro 4950 is not as compact as you might think, so you should be prepared to provide it with a separate room. The weight station is not suitable for shorter people. The company offers a very poor customer service.

However, the product shows some promise especially when used following personalized fitness recommendations, which can be accessed through fitness DNA testing. This way, you can maximize the benefits of the Weider Pro 4950 (or any exercise equipment, really) to help you achieve your sports and fitness goals.

Bargain prices start at $400 depending on where you shop. The cables are sturdy and smooth. Progressive resistance can reach 325 pounds. The device can be used by two people at a time. Weight stack is 150 pounds, adjustable in five-pound increments. However, Weider Pro 4950 doesn’t seem to provide you with a balanced body workout, since it has a limited variety of exercises. Weider Pro 4950 isn’t for professional bodybuilders. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend investing in this model. It is better to buy a more expensive professional trainer. The modern market is full of different options.

Weider Pro 4950 Cost and Rates

Weider Pro 4950 is available on Amazon and some retail stores online. Its price $393 plus free Shipping. It is expected to arrive within three to four days.