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Advantages of a Raised Toilet Seat after Undergoing Hip Replacement Surgery

People tend to have hip replacement surgery for two reasons just to reducing pain and improving mobility. After all, who wants to live with constant pain? Hip replacement surgery is an important procedure. After your doctor has allowed you to leave the hospital, it is essential that your body rest and recover.

The good news is that affordable equipment can maximize comfort, improve safety and surgical recovery such as raised toilet seat. This wonderful gadget elevates the height of the toilet seat to create a better bathroom experience. An additional model, called a toilet frame, comes with armrests, for easier handling.

The Pain Around the Surgical Site Can Last for Weeks or Months

During this time, the body experiences tender pains and moves slowly and carefully. Chairs and low toilets can be difficult to use, especially when putting pressure on the incision site. Many consider that ordinary toilets are too low in general. If you have to go to the bathroom, the environment can become dangerous and create a risk of falling.

Why the Raised Toilet Seat Will Protect Your Surgical Hip?

Depending on the type of hip replacement surgery, a raised toilet seat may be recommended by your surgeon, doctor, physiotherapist or occupational therapist. Hip replacement surgeries are usually performed with an incision made along the outside of the seated muscles. This is known as a posterior entry, and will require posterior hip precautions; a short list of specific movements to avoid to protect the incision site. The main restriction is to avoid leaning over the hip, which occurs when sitting in a low chair.

Avoid dislocating Your Surgically Repaired Hip and Use Proper Techniques While Using a Raised Toilet Seat

A toilet seat riser with access to a handrail is the cornerstone of safety and independence after hip replacement surgery. Be smart and ask someone to help you if necessary. Regarding the technique, remember to step back until you feel the seat as well as frame of the toilet with your legs, and lean towards the ramp before sitting down. To get up, push on the bar, lean over and walk over the walker and stand up, then sit down slowly. Here are some advantages of using toilet seat:

  • Use with the existing seat
  • Add 10.2 cm (4 in) to the height of the toilet seat
  • One-piece polyethylene construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Maximum capacity of 181 kg (400 pounds)
  • Installs like a regular seat on a standard or reclining toilet.
  • The openings in front and behind the seat allow for easier personal hygiene;
  • Built especially for standard toilets;
  • Lightweight and robust;
  • The armrests attach to the bowl frame;

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