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Centre for Disease Control and Prevention claims that every year around 48 million people get affected by food poisoning. It is a common illness caused by consuming drinks and foods pre-contaminated with parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Though cooking kills the potentially harmful organisms, improper hygiene can make even cooked food contaminated.

Practising proper food storage methods and hygiene like keeping raw meat at the bottom of the fridge and washing hands using Dettol hand wash can keep away food poisoning causes.

Contrary to popular belief, the condition doesn’t immediately send you running to the bathroom repeatedly.There are some early warning signs that most of us are unaware of.

This article lists seven early food poisoning causes and symptoms that range from mild to severe. The symptoms usually vary and depend on the germ one has swallowed. Following proper hand hygiene using Dettol hand wash is the first step to avoiding food poisoning causes.

1. Gas

Flatulence and cramps are simply the first signs that the stomach is under the negative influence of a bug. When these signs lead to frequent washroom visits and unbearable abdominal pain, it’s an accurate sign of food poisoning.

2. Abdominal Pain

Food poisoning related abdominal pain is usually around the trunk of the body – above the pelvis and below the ribs. The toxins produced by harmful organisms often irritate the lining of the intestines and stomach. The irritation can further lead to inflammation and eventually, pain.

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3. Fever & Chills

Though fever can be caused by anything, if it accompanies other food poisoning symptoms, seeking immediate medical help is advised. Bacteria like Listeria and Campylobacter can cause fever and if it stays for more than 48 hours, call a doctor immediately.

4. Confusion

Don’t ignore if the brain starts to feel fuzzy. Listeria– a gram-positive bacterium can be the reason behind you feeling confused. Stiff neck and overall weakness may also accompany confusion. Any unexplained mental changes should be immediately brought to medical attention.

5. Nausea & Vomiting

While vomiting and nausea are the symbols of food poisoning, how soon the symptoms show up depend on the strain of bacteria that caused the sickness. For example, Listeria is found in raw milk, hummus, and deli meats trigger food poisoning symptoms anywhere from three to seventy days after exposure.

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6. Weakness and Fatigue

Other early symptoms of food poisoning include weakness and fatigue. Chemical messengers called cytokines when release in the body cause fatigue and weakness. Furthermore, food poisoning also hampers the diet which may eventually lead to weakness. So, when you are feeling fatigued out and tired, give your body the required rest and care.

7. Headache

Having a headache is extremely common. Dehydration, fatigue, and tiredness may result in a headache. Food poisoning causes dehydration and fatigue and finally leads to headache. Many studies have quoted that dehydration affects the brain by causing it to lose fluid and shrink. Thus, the headache.

Prevent Getting Affected by Food Poisoning

It’s in our hands to keep ourselves away from getting affected by food poisoning. Keep your hands always clean and wash them every time before and after eating food and handling garbage. Bank on Dettol hand wash to keep your hands 99.9% germ-free. In times when washing hands is not a possibility, use Dettol hand sanitizer to keep yourself protected. Furthermore, cook meat products properly and don’t leave them out in the open for too long. Eat healthy, practice safe food handling, monitor expiration dates, don’t keep leftovers for long, and thoroughly wash raw produce to prevent food poisoning.