Daily Moves To Look Your Best

When you are ready to head out for work or a night on the town, you want to look your best. You may put on your favorite outfit, style your hair, and do your makeup. Beauty, however, is a daily quest that is linked to your health. When you take care of yourself on a daily basis your looks improve naturally.

Daily exercise and healthy eating can help your skin stay clear, keep your muscles toned, and maintain your weight. Even your hair may look more vibrant. Even with a busy life, a fitness routine can be established. These simple moves can enhance your beauty routine.


Coriander is a great addition to your morning smoothie. While you still need to keep up with the normal proteins and antioxidants, many specialty items can do wonders to keep you looking your best. Coriander has a combination of oils that can help to keep your gut comfortable. Add this to your breakfast routine a few days a week to reduce bloating. This ensures that your belly stays flat. You won’t have to worry about looking great in your date night dress or slim pants.


There is no substitute for a full nights rest. When you lose sleep your body begins to completely malfunction. No amount of dieting or exercise can solve the problem. Your eyes become bloodshot, your skin goes pale, and your hair loses luster. Your body needs rest to repair damage from each day. Your mental state also suffers. You are also likely to gain weight in the stomach area when you lose sleep on a regular basis. To keep that vibrant, glowing skin, be sure to head to bed on time.

Sneak in some Movement

You may not be able to fit a long workout into each day. This does not mean that you have to miss out on physical activity, however. A little extra movement on your off days can help to maintain your weight and muscle tone. Get in the habit of taking the stairs at work, biking to the store, or taking your dog for an evening walk.

We all have days where we end up working late and have no extra time. When all else fails, turn up the music and dance around your living room for 15 minutes. Every little bit of exercise helps. Check out HipsandBum for tips to look your best.

Soften Up

If you find yourself hiding your legs and arms due to dry skin, you may need to add a few things to your health and beauty routine. Don’t wait until dry flakes show through to start applying lotion. If you want soft, supple skin on a daily basis you need to put on lotion at the right time. Keep a bottle of lotion in the bathroom reach for it three minutes or less after you get out of the shower. Your skin is more prepared to absorb the moisture from it at this time. You may also need to drink more water. Your skin can look dull when you are not hydrated.

Beauty is not something that happens while you are getting ready to go out. It is something that happens when you take care of yourself on a daily basis. When you implement good daily habits, you can look your best every day. You may not even need makeup due to your natural glow!