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Does the extra layer of fat under your chin, also known as double chin, bother you so much? This nuisance, although harmless, can be reduced in some non-surgical ways. For instance, you can watch what food you put in your body to avoid more fats from getting stored under your chin.

Double chin is made up of stored extra fat underneath the chin. Although caused by different factors such as genes, age, and medical conditions, one of the most common causes is weight gain.

If being overweight is what caused your double chin, then losing some weight with a healthy diet can help you. Here’s a list of foods you should avoid to get rid of your double chin and to tighten your throat muscles.

Foods High In Sodium And Salt

As much as you love to eat in fast food restaurants, it’s undeniable that the foods they serve are loaded with sodium. Foods high in salt can cause you to gain weight as it retains water in your body. Water retention usually shows itself in the face – this leads to puffy cheeks and double chin. Salt and sodium should absolutely be avoided when you aim to lose those extra fats under the chin. Instead of reaching for a soda when thirsty, gulp on some water. Sodas are high in sodium and may dehydrate you; this will only worsen the situation and may even cause more weight gain.

Fatty Meats

It is best to avoid foods that are loaded with fat, such as bacon meat and hamburgers. Fast food places are filled with these unhealthy meats that contribute to more unwanted fat cells underneath the chin. Opt for less fatty items and stick with lean protein such as chicken and steaks.

Also, these foods contain sodium which is one of the leading contributors of fat in the face.

Processed Foods

Trans fat and saturated fats are two types of fats that are difficult to remove from the body. A lot of work will be needed to be done before burning them off as the body naturally prioritizes burning unsaturated fats first. Processed foods are high in both of these which makes them an unhealthy option. Additionally, they are also unbelievably high in sodium which is a huge contributor for fat in the face and chin.


Double chin is usually caused by being overweight – and one way to lose the extra pounds is to eat fewer calories. Pastries, cakes, and cookies are high in carbs and calories which contribute to the excess fat that finds its way underneath the chin. Train yourself to reach for a fruit instead of the doughnut. Always choose the healthy option as much as possible until you get used to it. The more you do it, the easier it will get in the long run.

Foods High In Fat

Make it a habit to read the nutritional facts of your groceries and make sure not to grab foods high in fat. Instead of high-fat foods, stick to a plant-based diet and controlled portions of meat. You could also grab food items that help burn fats such as eggs, nuts, and oatmeal to help get rid of fat deposits.

If your double chin is caused by being overweight, it is time for a few lifestyles changes starting with avoiding the foods listed above. But if you’ve done your best avoiding these foods and yet can’t still get rid of your double chin, then a non-invasive treatment is your best bet.

An innovative treatment called Belkyra or Kybella is a non-surgical fat removal treatment that requires only minimal downtime. It’s an injectable cytolytic drug consisting of deoxycholic acid that permanently kills unwanted fat cells in the targeted areas. Click here to learn more about this treatment that is highly effective in permanently getting rid of double chins.