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It is a challenge to live a positive life while surrounded by energy vampires. They are emotionally immature people who think the whole world revolves around them. They are almost incapable of seeing things from another person’s point of view. They are often cynical, doubting other people’s intentions and they are always judging others. Being around them is not easy, to say the least. If you ever had any similar experience, you are aware of how these people wear you off and suck the whole life out of you. Therefore, you need to do some things for yourself in order to prevent being negative after you meet them since you are going to encounter many other energy vampires later in your life. The best way to deal with them is to avoid them. However, sometimes life pushes you towards situations when you can’t avoid meeting these people. Therefore, follow these five things you can do to stay positive and focused while surrounded by energy vampires.

1. Think Before you React

Respond mindfully and think of what results would your reaction bring if you just react impulsively. Impulsive reaction is only a thoughtless eruption of emotion controlled by your ego. It takes a fraction of a second to find a mindful respond. Before you respond, ask yourself what your intentions are. Keep your dignity and don’t lower your vibe to their level. Hold your head high and remember that you are a nice, intelligent, highly appreciated person that does not react to insults and provocations.

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2. Introduce Better Topics of Discussion

If you find yourself in a conversation where a person is constantly complaining about something and that’s bringing you down, introduce a new topic to lighten up the mood. Remember, that there are people who can find problems in every solution. So, if you just offer them a piece of advice in order to lighten them up, then you’ll certainly end up being disappointed because your efforts would be in vain. You can choose from funny videos to personal success stories or something that inspires and motivates you. There is always a better topic to talk about then complaining and hearing about other people’s problems.

3. Set Limits

Energy vampires expect other people to join their pity party wallowing in their problems without trying to find solutions. They feel much better about themselves when other people feel sorry for them. You certainly don’t want to be rude and tell them that you don’t want to listen, but there’s a fine line between a compassionate ear and being deeply sucked into their negativity. You definitely don’t want their negativity to influence you. Therefore, set limits and give yourself some breathing room.

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4. Find Solutions to Problems, not Problems to Every Solution

When you focus on things where you can find solution to your problem, then your attitude and your emotions change in a positive direction. Your stress level reduces and you feel more hopeful and full of energy. Apply this strategy with dealing with negative people. Focus on how you can lighten up the mood and find a solution how you can deal with them. It takes a positive attitude to create positive results.

5. You Can’t Change Other People’s Negative Tendencies

If a person is open to new ideas, new solutions and wants to address their problems and heal their wounds, then it is worth the effort trying to help them. However, there are people that no matter how much you try, they are always going to stay negative. They’d rather complain, blame and be cynical than make a tiny little effort to change their circumstances. So, it is not worth trying to offer a solution to their problems. You can’t control other people’s behavior. But, what you can control is your behavior and how much influence they have on you.

Don’t get easily trapped in the circle of the energy vampires. You are a creator of your own emotions.