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A Lesson on Beauty Product Ratings and Testers

The world of beauty products is getting more diverse by the day. We love that there’s a seemingly endless selection of products for all of our skin concerns, but there is one problem. Every beauty product on the market claims to be the ideal option.

Searching for moisturizers for dry, patchy skin will bring up hundreds of products that all claim to be the best. How is a consumer supposed to know which one really delivers results? And where do the product makers get their numbers and ratings?

Beauty Claims From Product Testers

To find out more about product testing we got insights from Benchmarking Company, a beauty and personal care consumer research firm. The company provides a variety of consumer research and product testing services within the beauty industry.

When they provide product testing they enlist the help of beauty product testers. Benchmarking Company beauty product testers represent the target market for the product. In other words, they’re the type of people who need and would buy the product.

All of the products have already been tested for safety and are conditionally approved for in-market commercialization. Benchmarking Company will send the product to the testers with instructions on how to properly use it. They’ll then survey the testers throughout the process to learn more about their experience and how well they think the product workers.

That’s where product manufacturers get their claims that include “users” in the rating. The good news for the end consumer is the testing also helps the manufacturer fine-tune their products so that they work even better.

Beauty Claims From Lab Testing

Another way to test beauty products is in the lab. Testing in the lab can be done for a number of reasons, including to see how effective the products are. A group of specialists that can include dermatologists, chemists, and researchers take baseline measurements of each tester. They’ll then measure again at different points to determine if the product has made any changes.

When a beauty product has been lab tested you’ll sometimes see efficacy claims that include how much improvement has been seen, such as “80% fewer wrinkles after eight weeks of use.” This type of testing is sometimes used when products are meant to alter the structure of the skin, which requires FDA-approval and more in-depth efficacy testing. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review board may also require testing if a new or novel ingredient is being used and needs to be proven safe.

Beauty Claims From Experts and Influencers

Other powerful sources of beauty product reviews are experts and social media influencers. The vast majority of consumers read product reviews online before purchasing beauty products. That’s because we tend to trust the personal testimony of other consumers. Online reviews are also where some product manufacturers get star ratings.

The reviews of beauty specialists, bloggers, and celebrities are among the strongest testimonials. We take to heart what the editors of our favorite magazines think about a beauty product that they’ve personally used. We eagerly read about their experience and what they think about the outcome. Some magazines also give out coveted awards to beauty products they think work the best.

Blogs like My Beauty Gym also provide readers with information on how products really work. We act as the guinea pigs to test out products so our readers don’t have to waste their time or money.

Today, endorsement from social media stars is also important. You may have seen the Kardashians posting pics on Instagram about products they’ve used. There are also a number of high-profile makeup artists, aestheticians and skin specialists who give their followers personal accounts of the beauty products they use.

Of course, everyone’s skin is unique, which means even a highly rated beauty product may not work as well for you as you had hoped. The best we can do is look for beauty products that have been tried and tested by a number of people – and hopefully, there’s a good return policy just in case!

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