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All About Mattress Sizes: Pros & Cons

Beds come in different shapes and sizes. In order to accommodate these beds, mattresses are also manufactured in different shapes and sizes to cater to every need. It is essential to understand the size of the mattress you require by referring to a mattress buying guide. The commonly available sizes include the single, twin, full, double, king, and queen sizes. Depending on the country you are purchasing the mattress in, you will find some more choices.

Different Mattress Sizes:

1. Single & Twin Mattress Sizes

Twin or single mattresses are often chosen for kids rooms and multi-use guest rooms. Since these mattresses are narrow, they can easily fit into the smallest room to accommodate more people. Their dimensions are around 72 inches by 30 inches. In some case, twin mattresses are sued for bunk beds as well. Since they are smaller in size, they are also lower in price compared to other mattresses. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be short for some tall adults.

2. Queen Sized Mattress

Many people mistake a double bed to be the same as a Queen sized bed. Interestingly, the Queen size bed is 12 inches wider than the double bed, offering you extra space to roll around. The Queen sized is more popular compared to the double bed due to this reason. The Queen mattress usually comes in size 72 inches by 60 inches, giving more space for two people to sleep on the mattress at the same time. Using this guide will also help you on how to buy mattress that will fit your requirements.

3. King Size Mattress

The King size mattress is often measured at 72 inches by 72 inches. This offers plenty of personal space on the bed for two people at a time. In fact, pushing together two twin sized mattresses will also give you almost the same space as a King sized mattress. It is essential to check before buying sheets for your mattress to ensure that you get the right size.

Things To Remember Before Purchasing A Mattress

You need to careful while purchasing a mattress. An important factor to consider while purchasing a mattress is to keep in mind the space in your bedroom for it. The mattress size guide comes in handy in helping you decide which mattress will fit in your room. Besides checking the size of the mattress you require, you can also try it out at a nearby brick and mortar store. Ideally, spending around 10 minutes on the mattress will give you an idea of whether it suits your requirement or not.

Some mattress manufacturers like Wakefit also offer trial periods where you are offered a 100 day period where you can decide whether or not to keep the mattress. It is essential to look for the trial period if you are purchasing a mattress online. Another thing to look out for when purchasing a mattress is how firm it should be. Since different people prefer different kinds of firmness, it is essential to check which one relieves your pressure points more. It is wise to take your time and do your research well for purchasing a mattress.

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  1. Mattress size really matters As you said wakefit mattress offers trial period it is seriously a nice concept. So that people can decide properly that they want to keep it or not.


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