Weight loss mistakes, weight loss journey

It doesn’t matter what year we find ourselves in, weight loss is always going to make a headline. It’s always going to be in the news, and people are always going to want to buy into whatever method they can to help them shed the pounds.

Unfortunately, this is anything but an easy journey. Sure, things have got easier through the likes of liposuction, but it’s still going to be a long process that has its ups and downs.

Well, today’s post is going to focus on weight loss mistakes. We will now take a look at four of the biggest mistakes the typical person makes when it comes to a weight loss journey.

Mistake #1 – It’s All About The Scales

Sure, weighing scales serve a purpose, but you shouldn’t be placing all of your emphasis on the reading that shows upon them.

This is because you might weigh heavier than you did a few months ago, but your fat levels might be lower. Ultimately, muscle weighs more than fat, and this is something that is often forgotten about when people are constantly peaking at the scales.

Mistake #2 – You Place Too Much Emphasis On Cardio

On the most part, a lot of people will start to rack up the miles as soon as they start any sort of weight loss journey. However, this is an approach which is much more inefficient when compared to other training methods.

For example, in the case of resistance training, this is something that can keep your metabolism going for hours on end after your training has finished. It means that you are burning fat through the day, rather than just in the immediate aftermath of your cardio activity.

Mistake #3 – You Turn To Low-Fat Products

This next mistake is perfectly understandable in some ways. After all, as soon as we see a low-fat label on food packaging, it signals to us that this is the right way forward.

There is a key problem with a lot of these low-fat alternatives, though. Many of them are loaded with even more sugar, and over the course of a day this can have the opposite effect on you. You will find that they make you even hungrier, meaning that you end up turning to more calories.

Mistake #4 – You Don’t Track What You Eat

Finally, we really can’t emphasize the importance of tracking when it comes to this journey. No, we’re not talking about tracking how many miles you run, or the weights that you lift (although both are advocated). Instead, this is more about your food intake.

Many of us underestimate what foods we are turning to. We think we are eating 1500 calories per day, but in reality, it’s 2000. Over the course of time it should go without saying that these figures add up, and this lack of accuracy results in you piling on more pounds than your efforts should warrant.


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