Bretman Rock Ab Workout

Try This Bretman Rock Ab Workout and Your Abs Won’t Be The Same.

It’s not often that I head to YouTube to find workouts; however, when I noticed that Bretman Rock ab workout was trending, I was enthralled. I’ll preface this by saying I’m pretty fit. I ran a marathon a couple of weeks ago and did Pilates regularly and so when I first saw the abs exercise, which is just one exercise, I thought it was a stroll through the woods. I was mistaken.

Bretman Rock has become a YouTube Celebrity, well-known for his beauty videos. But his most recent video, titled ‘3 easy workouts to look cute’, swiftly reached over a million hits on YouTube. Rock claims that his workouts stem from his experiences as an athlete for a lifetime and his involvement with trainers as well as CrossFit instructors. The video features three workouts that target the heart, chest and abs. Since abs from God are my goal for the rest of my life, I decided to test the last one, a choice I regrettably regretted about three minutes later.

The exercise itself is pretty straightforward, as it’s composed of low-impact bodyweight exercises. All you’ll need is exercise, some space in a room and yourself.

How Do You perform Bretman Rock Ab Workout:

The exercise is easy and consists of nine exercises:

1. Crunch – 20 reps

To perform a crunch, begin lying on your back with your knees bent and feet lying flat on the floor. Work your core muscles, placing your hands on your head. Engage your abs and then lift your body away from the floor. Then slowly lower it back. It’s just one rep.

2. In-and-out crunch – 40 reps

For an in-and-out crunch, sit up in a V posture with your arms in front of you and your palms flat on the floor. When you stretch your legs straight out, then lean your body back. As you draw your knees into your chest, you can lean back. To make it more difficult, take your hands off the floor.

3. Plank your elbow for 60 seconds

To perform the elbow plank, you must first assume the push-up position and lower yourself onto your elbows. Keep your belly button pulled into your spine and ensure you maintain a straight line from the upper part of your head towards your toes.

  • Take 30 seconds rest

4. Plank and hip dips – 20 reps

For a plank that includes hip dips, start in the same position as mentioned earlier, and then, as you twist your pelvis, imagine dropping your right leg down to be in contact with the floor (it isn’t essential if it does not actually touch) and then the left hip. This is one repetition.

5. Mountain climber – 40 reps

To perform a mountain climber, begin in a push-up posture and then, as fast as possible, you should pull your right knee toward your chest and not let it be in contact with the floor as you lift it back. Repeat using the left knee. This is one rep.

6. Scissors – 60 reps

Begin by lying back on your stomach with your arms to your sides and your hands flat on the floor. By engaging your abs, lift your legs straight up into the air and think about keeping your back in a straight line to the floor. Lower your right foot to just a few inches above the ground, then raise it back up. When you’re raising your left leg, then lower it left leg to the floor. This is one rep.

  • Take 30 seconds rest

7. Reverse crunch – 20 reps

For reverse crunches, lie on your back and place your legs on a tabletop position. Involve your core, breathe into your lungs to lift your hips off the floor, and then lift your legs upwards over your chest. Breathe as you lower your body back to the starting position. It’s a single repetition.

8. Toe-touch crunch – 40 reps

With your back straight against the floor, push your legs to your ceiling in a straight line. By clenching your abs, raise your upper torso upwards while stretching your arms and attempt to get your feet to touch. This is one repetition.

9. 6-inch hold: 60-seconds

Begin by lying down on your back. With your legs in a row and your arms together, lift them off the ground by around six inches. When you are done, you lift your neck and head up from the floor approximately six inches. Hold.

I am sure you’re thinking – it is not that bad at all? It certainly isn’t. It’s also reasonably fast: the entire exercise was only nine minutes. However, the burn in my abs that I experienced during the mountain climber part was intense.

I would say that this is one of the most intense workouts I have ever done. My body was shaking when I was at the scissors, and the 30-second rest did not feel lengthy in terms of recovery. In the video on YouTube, Rock explains that sometimes it’s not a good idea to take breaks because he’s determined to complete the exercise as quickly as he can. And for this reason alone, I am stunned. He also spoke of the option to incorporate 10-second rests between exercises which I’d likely consider doing next time.

From my personal experience, I would say that the hollow hold was the most challenging and longest 60 seconds of my life. I was ecstatic about the fact that I could complete the entire workout in my living room. Even though I’ve been back to the gym after Covid norms, I still enjoy doing some odd exercises at home when my schedule does not allow me to make it into the fitness centre. This is a routine you can do during the lunch break or in during meetings (if my coworkers aren’t able to see my shaking body once I’m back at work).


Bretman Rock Ab Workout – It’s a fast nine-minute exercise that I’ll include in my regular exercise routine. It would take some time to get abs like Jennifer Lopez, but it’s an easy method to improve your core without a lot of equipment.

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