Do Bananas Make You Fat

Here we go again, another theory that is making every health and fitness enthusiast go bananas (see what I did there?). You are probably wondering what I’m ranting about, well, it’s the latest myth in town. That eating bananas will make you fat. More so, in your waist area.

Do they really? Do bananas make you fat? My answer is a resounding No! Bananas don’t make you fat. I will be telling you why in a minute. I will also be telling you what exactly makes you fat. So, if you want to go back to having your best morning snack guilt free, I suggest you read on.

Where Is This Coming From?

The reason behind bananas being pegged as fattening food is because they contain carbs which are from the high amount of sugar and starch found in bananas. What most people fail to realize is, bananas contain unprocessed natural sugar. This does not readily absorb hence your blood sugar will stay in check unlike with added sugar.

Moreover, depending on size, bananas usually have 90 to 140 calories each. This is way less than what is found in most food and quite frankly not enough to make you fat. If anything, natural sugar, which is fructose, in this case, is converted to glucose hence helping your body get energy for day to day activities.

So What Exactly Makes You Fat?

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Apart from genes, there are a bunch of other things that contribute to us adding excess weight. The most common and controllable culprit for weight gain is poor eating habits and lack of adequate workout.

Your body requires a certain amount of calories depending on many factors such as your age and daily activities. Repeatedly consuming excess calories results in storage which leads to weight gain. This is why you are encouraged to stay away from processed food that does not only make you gain weight but can also lead to blood pressure problems.

Eating natural carbs and sugar such as bananas ensures that every calorie you consume contains nutrients unlike in processed food where the nutrients are destroyed.

Bananas Are Packed With Healthy Nutrients

The naturally occurring sugar in a banana makes it an excellent snack before your workout. It will give you the much-needed energy in your workouts as well as in your day to day activities. Bananas also contain a high amount of natural fibers. Natural fiber is way better at filling you up and aiding in digestion compared to isolated fiber (usually found in cereal).

To add to this, we all know that bananas are among the staple foods for potassium. Just imagine how much potassium you will deny your body by avoiding bananas. In case you didn’t know, potassium does so much for your body.

For starters, potassium is responsible for nervous and electrolytic functions; it is great for water balance, muscle strengthening and preventing heart and kidney disorders among other things.

You also stand to gain amazing hair, nails, and skin by consuming bananas due to their high content in vitamin B6.

They Are Actually Great For Weight Loss


Bananas contain resistant starch which unlike starch from other food, passes through the colon without being digested. What this means is that it does not contribute to the number of calories you obtain from other starch. The resistant starch acts the same as soluble fiber. Paired with the natural fiber we talked about above, makes you get full fast.

Guess what happens when you fill up your stomach? You do not consume too much food hence you don’t consume excess calories meaning that, you are in a position to shed some pounds.


Having read about the amazing benefits of eating 2 bananas, you are probably tempted to buy a whole bunch and munch your way through it right? Well, I would strongly advise against this.

Why? Because, as much as bananas are fruits and they are a great source of natural fibers, they do contribute to our daily calorie count. If you consume too much of anything, bananas included, you are bound to up your calorie intake. Meaning that, if you eat too many bananas, unfortunately, you will get fat.

So, eat bananas daily if you can, but don’t overdo it. Two bananas a day is enough to keep your energy levels up and your body healthy.

The Verdict Is In

Bananas do not make you fat. If anything, they come with a boatload of benefits. These include kidney, nervous system and heart health, hair and skin health and muscle building. Ironic enough, bananas are great for anyone looking to shed some pounds. So, if you had crossed bananas out of your grocery list, I suggest you rethink this decision.

All this writing about food is making me hungry. I should probably grab a banana (lol) meanwhile; I await your comments and questions on this interesting topic.


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