8 Creative Home Gym Ideas to Help You Reach your Fitness Goals

Many people prefer working out in the comfort of their own homes even if there are public gyms available nearby. When you’re sweaty, sharing a space with others may not feel ideal, but what if you don’t have a ton of time, space, or money to put toward a home gym? Turns out, you can make small, affordable changes to your home that make it a more effective home gym space, all while potentially adding value to the home itself for a future time when you go to sell the home. Here are just a few great options.

1. Search Out Nooks or Underused Spaces.

You don’t have to have an entire finished basement to make a home gym. People with open bonus room areas between bedrooms, awkward nooks near the living room, or even walk-in closets that aren’t being fully used can all make a functional workout space. Use your own home’s spaces that don’t get much use, like a larger foyer, to create a home gym that is easy to pack away if the space needs to be used for something else.

2. Store Items Up, not Out.

When you choose a spot in your home to use as a home gym, add a floor-to-ceiling pegboard to hang various pieces of equipment. This helps keep the space clear while you’re actually exercising while minimizing the total footprint of any equipment.

3. Focus on Modular When Possible. 

While it may be tempting to install a mirrored wall and ballet bar, consider starting your home gym journey with items that can be packed away. You’ll “live into” your gym and may eventually want a different configuration; once you’ve tested it for a while, you can install more permanent fixtures.

4. Let Seating Double as Storage Space.

If you want a bench to sit while you change shoes or drink some water, have it pull double duty. Choose a storage bench that can hold weights, a yoga mat, or other items, since clutter is a bad idea in spaces where you’ll be moving and shaking.

5. Consider a TV or Sound System.

Even if you assume the main goal is to workout, entertainment while you move can often motivate you to actually use your space. Whether you need to be able to listen to music on your spin bike or watch your favorite show while you tear up a treadmill, make the space inviting as an entertainment zone.

6. Attune Equipment to Your Needs.

Particularly with a small space, your priority should be to get the core pieces of equipment you need, not a well-rounded collection that looks like a public gym. As you change your needs, you can always expand your collection.

7. Add Cushioned Floors.

Whether you go with fitted foam squares or a wall-to-wall tough shock-absorbing material, recognize that hard floors make for harder workouts. Cushion your steps and your weights with the appropriate flooring.

8. Make it Fit Your Personality.

Whether you need a haven of calm and comfort full of candles and mood lighting or a bright space that will get your blood pumping for early morning workouts, attune your space to your needs so that you get all you desire from your workouts.