Jeans Are For Women Too

Denim will always be fashionable. Jeans are versatile classics that every woman should have in her wardrobe. You can wear jeans and pair it with any top you have in your closet. Jeans can go from casual weekends to a night out in town. If you are having trouble looking for the perfect jeans, read on to find out more about the latest styles just right for your body shape.

Jeans come in different styles.  Knowing what looks on good for your body shape saves you from committing fashion suicide. Before going out to shop for jeans, you should know the styles that flatter your body.

Cropped Jeans

Skinny jeans are still in fashion even if this style has been around for years now. If you are tired of wearing the same jean style, try cropped denim instead. They fit just like your good old skinny jeans but end a few inches above your ankle. In the summer, you can match cropped jeans with floral blouses and sheer tops. You can even wear cropped jeans with swimwear underneath when on the beach or lake. Complete your outfit with a colorful wedge to elongate your legs if you are on the short side. If you already have the long legs, you can go for trendy ballet flats for a casual look.

Wide Leg

If you are bottom-heavy, jeans with a wide leg will flatter your shape. Wearing wide leg jeans will give balance proportion to skinny calves and big butts. You can also look for jeans with a low rising front and contoured waist. This will make your torso look longer. Another feature to watch out for when shopping for jeans include cuts one size bigger on the hips. Jeans with these cuts will prevent you from having a gap waist which is often a problem for bottom-heavy women.

Jogg Jeans

So, what actually are jogg jeans? They are a hybrid fabric, mixing jersey and denim together. With the unique flexible material of jogg jeans denim you can literally do anything in them! This includes, yoga, all types of dance, running and more, they are that stretchy.

With the appearance of a casual denim wear, get the feel and comfort of a jogger. The brand has been trying to reinvent their jogg jeans in different ways and bringing them as close as possible to a raw denim is one of their goals.

Boot Cut and Straight Leg

For women with flatter butts, do not be afraid to wear jeans. You can find lots of jean styles to enhance the look of your behind. Many premium brands have jeans with flashy pockets to give the illusion of a fuller butt. Pocket details like thick stitching, appliques and flaps add bulk to your behind. Jeans made of stretchable denim fabric are also recommended for your body shape. Straight leg and boot cut jeans look best on you. If you have a petite frame, avoid super flare jeans because you will only look shorter.

If your body is more on the athletic side, find jeans with thick and stretchable fabric. Conventional denim does not flatter your thighs and you may be in danger of making your butt look saggy. Twisted seams on jeans will also help add curves to your shape. High rise jeans prevent the appearance of a belly pooch. You don’t want to your stomach to bulge when sitting down.

Push Up Jeans


Push up jeans are a pair that provide a tight fit around the legs and hips, which in turn produce a more accentuated appearance for a woman’s curves. The jeans are designed so that they actually push up the bottom, hence the name given to them. If you think of a push up bra, which pushes up and lifts the breasts, a pair of push up jeans does exactly the same, but for the backside.

To be convinced that you are wisely spending your money, we recommend buying only jeans that make you feel beautiful, and especially prefer push-up jeans to the common jeans because these will certainly be sexier and more sensual.

Jean Shorts

For summer, wearing jean shorts is a must. It is a great alternative for sarongs and cover-up beachwear. You can lounge on the sand with your jean shorts worn over a bikini. If you have long legs, any length of jean shorts will look good on you.  Swimwear and jeans can be worn together in style and comfort. If you don’t want to run around in your bikini the whole day, jean shorts will give you some cover.