Steps to Take if You Want to Open Your Own Gym

Getting in shape takes time and dedication. The same can be said if you want to inspire others to get in shape. Starting a gym is a long process, so be ready to go all in on the first day.

1. Think of the Future

Once you set the plan in motion, be ready to run. Any hesitation on your part will only delay the opening of the gym. That means having a business plan written, gym insurance, financials in place and clients ready to sign up. Hit your goals in stride to avoid slowdowns while the new business grows.

2. Keep It Simple

The business plan for your gym doesn’t need to be a one size fits all option. Play to the strengths of your company and let the market decide its worth. Consumers like choice, so being the new gym on the block will get you instant notoriety.

3. What Are the Costs?

Plenty of businesses have been sunk before getting out of the planning stage. Knowing the cost of buying equipment is only the first step. The real cost of owning a gym is hidden in operations and maintenance. One must take into account various factors such as hiring staff, utility bills, and routine maintenance expenses. Often overlooked are the seemingly insignificant costs, like keeping the gym clean and well-maintained, from choosing gym bathroom stalls to ensuring proper hygiene throughout the facility. These hidden costs can quickly add up and have a substantial impact on the overall financial viability of the gym.

4. Bulk Up Your Client List

Some of the most successful gyms in history got their start from good leads. Usually, a trainer that has a background in the industry will entice current clients to join up. If you don’t have a client list ready to go, then find leads through your own means or by hiring an agency.

5. Pre-Sales Are Your Bread and Butter

To keep out of the red, prioritize pre-sales as part of your day-to-day operations. This is especially important when you first open a gym. Trying to add pre-sales will be difficult and may alienate current loyal customers.

6. Go Digital

A paper trail will help with documentation for billing or legal reasons. But a digital paper trail will save you time, money and resources. Set up your hardware correctly so that consumers and employees don’t have to deal with outdated technology.

7. Improve Your Marketing

Even if your numbers are solid for the opening, there is no guarantee that consumers will keep coming. After the grand opening, change your marketing strategy to bring in more faces. Use social media as needed, and create a brand image that does the company proud.

8. Work on A Retention Strategy

Customer retention is an artform that is hard to master. For a gym, a retention strategy should include something familiar, and something low risk. A low-risk retention strategy can be an email blast or achieving personal goals for clients. Being able to show the benefits of joining a gym will always be a great selling point for your company. Go over these strategies monthly to keep the company on track for great customer retention.

Perfection Is a Step Away

You are in full control of your destiny when it comes to starting a gym. Your business plan is the vehicle, and your dedication is the fuel. Keep your strategy clear, and everything else will fall into place.