how to improve weak eyesight naturally

Eyes are one of the essential parts of our body’s. So eyesight becomes a very important part of our being. Not being able to see clearly makes us want uneasy and dependant on others for a lot of things. So keeping eyes in good shape is our prerogative. The two main problems with eyesight are Myopia (nearsightedness) and hypermetropia (farsightedness). These two constitute the main two ailments that ail our bodies as the years advance. These can be stopped and arrested at a very early age in life. Having good nutrition and a good amount of rest and exercise helps the body maintain a healthy eyesight.

How To Improve Your Eyesight?

Eyes are the healthiest when you have a 6/6 configuration in the test. This proves that there is no blurring of vision and no problem with seeing. Your blindspot at the moment is very minute and there is little that escapes your eyes.

If you don’t want to have weak eyesight, there are a few methods that will enable you to keep eyes in good shape. Some methods are listed below. These eye care tips can be conducted at home itself.

1. Eye Exercises :

  • The first one is simple. Take a pencil and hold it at arm’s length. Then bring it closer to your nose and recede it back again. Doing this ten times a day will improve your eyesight. Both near and far are taken care of.
  • The second method is by rolling your eyes clockwise and then anticlockwise for a few seconds everyday. This will improve your overall fitness of the eyes. Don’t forget to blink while doing this. If you don’t blink your eyes will remain very dry.
  • Now nest blink your eyes 20 to 30 time repeatedly. This will give them rest. Do this twice a day to ensure the rest the eyes needed.

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2. Sun and Palm: another way to ensure strength in your eyes is to stand in the sun. Face the Sun with eyes closed and then breathe deeply for a few minutes. Then after this, rub your hands together and generate heat. Then place the palms on your eyes and let the heat get transferred to your eyes. This will help your eyes relax and recoup.

eye exercises to improve eyesight

How to Strengthen Your Eyes?

Eyes are used all our life’s round. Thus, one has to be careful as to what we are using and putting in our eyes. So keeping in mind these inevitabilities, eyes should be protected and kept under great care. Listed below are few things and procedures and foods that will enable you to strengthen your eyes.

1. Acupressure/ Acupuncture: according to Chinese Medicine, problems with the eyes are also indicators for diseases related to the kidneys and the liver. There are more than ten points around the eyes that enable for the following procedures. If one massages all these points on a daily basis or performs acupuncture on the following points one will witness the strengthening of eyes. Doing this repeatedly over the year will make your eyes stronger.

2. Ginkgo Biloba: this is one substance that has been doing the rounds for a long long time. This helps in increasing the blood flow around the body. More blood flow will help in the strengthening of the eye. However, this has to be prescribed by a medical practitioner before usage. Its also helps in thinking and memory. This herb is not to be given to children because this might ruin their eyes. One man’s food is another man’s poison!

Ginkgo Biloba herb for eyesight

3. Bilberry: another popular herb for eyesight. This helps in increasing the violet range that is night vision for a person. it is very beneficial for people prone to cataract and glaucoma. This herb just might arrest or even prevent it at an earlier stage. This cannot be used by a lay man. You have to consult a doctor before taking this.

4. Almonds: the oldest by far is almonds. Almonds have been handed down generation to generation for improvement of eyesight and regular fitness as well. Having a good amount of omega -3 and antioxidants they are useful in all aspects. Soaking and peeling them and then having them with milk will ensure that you get their vitamins.

What Causes Bad Vision?

Ageing is the main thing that causes bad vision. However, the ageing of eyes can be arrested from an early age. The main causes of bad vision are eye strain and diseases like cataract, glaucoma and the like.

  • Eye Strain: this is the main cause of bad vision in the rent past. With the advancement of technology, we have lost the vision of taking care of our eyes. Eyes have been strained by continuous looking at screens of varied sizes and light intensities. This damages the cells and advances the deterioration of eyes. To arrest something like this, we have to decrease our screen time.
  • Cataract: the opaqueness that overtakes the eyes is called a cataract. This is treatable with a simple operation. It is part and parcel of the ageing process and one has to be careful and get one’s eyes checked at regular intervals for catching this early on.
  • Glaucoma: is a very serious medical condition that affects the vision. This takes over the optic nerve and renders the person blind in most cases. There are two types Open Angled – the less painful and prolonged one- and Closed Angle –which is a painful condition and is the one which occurs at the onset of Glaucoma. Though a very small section of the world’s population contracts this, it is detrimental to the health of the eye of the person and leaves them completely impaired.
  • Diabetes: with the onset of diabetes, a lot of ailments come into being. Losing of eyesight and losing vision is one of the most common ways to detect diabetes. However, this condition in people can be avoided if the person takes care of him or her. Close monitoring will help you maintain the vision in the eyes.

How to maintain healthy eyes naturally

Most of these are conditions which with medical attention an be taken care of an avoided too. Keep your eyes healthy. Here are some quick steps that might help you to maintain healthy eyes.

How to Improve Your Eyesight Fast?

To keep eyes from harm, one must have ample amount of vitamins intake. Vitamins such as A, C and E are essential to the well being of your eyes. Having Carrots and Green Leafy vegetables will help you to improve your eyesight. The antioxidants will help you to strengthen your eyes faster.

Another method is to get enough rest. Resting your eyes after prolonged exposure to the computer screen, moreover, the phone screen will be a good thing to keep your eyes in a healthy condition. The cheat code for this is while working at a computer which most of us do all the time, adopt a 10 -10 -10 method. Take a look at something 10 feet away, every 10 seconds every 10 minutes that you work on the computer. This will help your eyes refocus and will help alleviate the strain on your eyes.

Do the aforementioned eye exercises. You can also try these yoga exercises to improve your eyesight. This will help your eyes be healthy and all seeing for a long time to come.

These small insertions in your lifestyle will enable you to have good vision and healthy eyes..

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