What Does Eel Taste Like

Are you the adventurous type of person when it comes to traveling and “living the life”? How about regarding food? Are you the type who would try something bizarre for the first time? Let me tell you something about trying exotic food.

I would like to specifically share what it’s like to eat a fish that is not very common to all. I am talking about eels. Eel is a type of fish that is known to be very slimy. To some people, it’s considered weird-looking and does not seem edible. So, what does eel taste like?

In this article, we will not only answer this question but many more others that will pique your interest. So, if you are not the adventurous type when it comes to food, prepare yourself. You might change your mind and give it a try.

What Does Eel Taste Like?

First of all, before giving it a shot, you have to back yourself up with some information. Understanding what eels are is a no-brainer. It is a fish, no doubt.

  • It is a type of fish that is relatively long. According to Finecooking blog, there are bigger ones that can go as long as four meters. Eels are distinctive specifically for the way they swim. They move in waves in the water.
  • They also move fast in shallow waters making it harder to catch them. This is aside from the fact that they are slimy.​

So how are eels treated? You have to know that it is not odd. We don’t usually see them served as staples in restaurants, but that doesn’t mean we should consider them as exotic or utterly bizarre.

Distinctions in Flavor

Distinctions in Flavor

Okay, so now, how are they distinctive regarding taste? A lot of people say that the taste is very similar to a salmon’s flavor. MyBeautyGym.com says they only differ in texture and consistency. The meat of the salmon is quite softer and easier to break down.

We always love salmon for its sweet taste that goes smooth on the tongue. That is how most people think about eels too.

According to the Finecooking blog, they can also be compared to squid. Some would say squids are rather tasteless, but you know there are a particular flavor and aroma to it.

The thing is, there are a lot of different factors to consider about identifying what eels taste like. Taste is always subjective, and we cannot just tell someone that what you think is exactly what it is. There is no one definite answer to it.

However, counting in all the factors like preparation, recipe, and type, you might be able to know how satisfying it is on your palette.

Eel Preparation

One of the simplest ways to prepare eels is to fry them up. There is no particular way of doing this. Just doing the old-school traditional frying for the common fish would do. But for some, dipping the meat in soy sauce makes it more interesting.

Another kind of preparation that makes the taste one of a kind is by going raw. A lot of people find this odd, though. Maybe it’s because they have not heard of eels being turned into sushis in their favorite Japanese restaurant.

Eel Preparation

  • Apparently, eels are very commonly served in Japan. The Japanese think that it is healthy regardless of the flavor.
  • Another thing that is crucial about eels is the environment they live in. Eels inhabit in both saltwater and freshwater. Consequently, the eels in the saltwater differ in taste from the eels in the freshwater.
  • Having different habitats also affects the texture of the eels in general. We also noted that the meat of saltwater eels is a bit harder. That can change your preparation and method of cooking in some ways.

The one thing that makes eels an interesting food is its being absorbent. It absorbs different kinds of flavors quickly. This means you can make just about any marinade or sauce you want; it would fit the eel meat well.


In a nutshell, it is easy to manipulate the taste of eels to suit your palette preferences. If you know the ins and outs of your kitchen and is a taste connoisseur, nothing can go wrong with this sea creature.

An issue that we cannot help but be bothered about, though, is the price of eels. They are indeed costly even in the typical Japanese restaurants. Well, that brings us to another conversation.

But as for taste, it is something that is worth a first try. Even when you are not the adventurous type, you will surely like it. It is good to veer away from your usual seafood anyway.

If you have comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to comment below. I hope this helps!