Diabetic Socks

In fact, diabetes itself is not terrible, the terrible thing is the complications associated with diabetes.

Diabetic foot is a very serious problem among these complications which usually ignored by people.

The number of diabetes is increasing every year, as well as the diabetic foot patients.

A combination of poor blood sugar control, foot neglect, inappropriate footwear, insufficient patient education and failure to find and treat pre-ulcerative lesions cause increasing foot damage and worsens the outlook. Nerve and blood vessel damage make damage more likely to go unnoticed and more difficult to heal.

As neuropathy is difficult to reverse once established, prevention is key. So a pair of socks specifically for diabetic feet is necessary.

Features of Diabetic Socks:

  • Super Comfortable and Breathable: over 70% rayon from bamboo fiber and special designs, wicking synthetic fibers can regulate temperature and keep feet warm to aid circulation.
  • No chafing or irritation: full cushion helps protect against blisters and adds padded protection to prevent dangerous ulcers.
  • Non-binding top: non-binding top loose fitting stay-up top and wont restrict circulation. Socks will not fall down. They will remain secure during any workout.
  • Smooth No-Irritation Toe: Enhances your everyday comfort ,reduce the risk of infection, foot pressure, blistering.

Why Choose +MD Diabetic Bamboo Socks

  • Sock Expert for over a decade
  • Super Comfortable and Breathable
  • 87% Bamboo,10% Nylon, 2% Spandex,1% Polyester and special designs
  • Free shipping for order over $30