Why Are Arm Circles Considered A Dangerous Stretching Exercise

Why are arm circles considered a dangerous stretching exercise? This is because of a variety of facts that you may not know about. What’s vital is for you to understand why, and apply your knowledge appropriately. I will be discussing these facts individually, for you to understand comprehensively.

What is an Arm Circle Exercise?

An arm circle exercise is performed by standing straight and then extending your arm. You then move your arm in circles, without rotating the palms and the wrists. It’s a dynamic type of stretch exercise that you can do before or after your exercise regimen, as the case maybe.

Take note that when done correctly and at the right time, they are relatively safe for people without any pathological ailments.

Arm circles are a common part of many fitness routines, but they need to be done based on our individual needs. For example, arm circles may benefit one person but can decrease another person’s performance. But is it possible to know the impact of arm circles before the damage is done?

Through a DNA Diet and Healthy Weight Test, which determines our bodies’ response to exercise regimes, it is possible. To address your needs, the test results also include a personalized diet and exercise plan. So if you want to minimize the risk of injury and maximize the health benefits of arm circles and other exercises, it is recommended to take
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However, there are instances when doing arm circle exercises are considered dangerous. These are the following:

Why are Arm Circles Considered a Dangerous Stretching Exercise?

Athletes Who are About to Compete

  • Some studies that were done on athletes have shown that when the athletes have performed stretches, that include arm circles, before a sport competition, this actually had lowered their performance in the competition.
  • It was also concluded that the risk of muscle injury increased for those who performed stretches that included arm circles. It was found out that athletes who had performed these stretches have increased muscle injury after the competition.
  • Improper performance of the arm circle exercise can injure and damage the arms and shoulders, as well.

Non-Athletes Who are New to Exercising

  • It has been discovered that some non-athletes, who have performed the arm circles excessively before the main exercises, tend to suffer more muscle damage and injury. Hence, if you’re not used to arm circles, be sure to do it gradually, and in moderation.
  • Any exercises that are in excess will cause damage and serious injury to your muscles. Hence, beware of this. Excessive pain in your body would indicate that something is wrong. You can consult your doctor if the pain perseveres and worsens.

The above mentioned items are the findings that can be considered dangerous when performing the arm circle exercises.

You have to know how to perform it properly, to avoid these injuries. So, here are the proper steps.

1. Stand up with your back straight and your chin up: Your posture must be correct. Your shoulders should be in line with your hip bone.
2. Spread your feet at least 1 foot apart: Don’t spread them too wide because you might lose your balance.
3. Extend both arms in level with your shoulders: Extend them without exerting undue stress or pressure. Don’t stretch them so far.
4. Make circling movements with your arms: Perform the exercise by circling your arms comfortably. The circle must not be too wide or too small. It must be just enough that you don’t feel pain.
5. Don’t rotate the palms or the wrist: The palms and wrist must stay on one side, and not moving. You can hold a light weight in your hands, if you want.
6. Do it ten times in one set: Repeat the movement 10 times. You can rest and then perform another set with 10 reps.
7. You can increase the number of sets as you get used to the exercise: Don’t push yourself too hard. Take it slowly. If it’s painful, you can stop. If you’re an athlete about to compete, you can do warm-up exercises by performing an action that is related to the competition.


If you’re competing in marathon, you can do brisk walking as a warm-up exercise. You can lift smaller weights, if you’re into weight-lifting competitions; you can play ball, if you’re competing in basketball. If you’re competing in aerobics, then do some light aerobics as a warm-up exercise.

You can also use the arm circles as a post-competition cooling down exercise, instead of a warm-up exercise. Take note that you can’t go straight to the competition without warming up. It’s like subjecting your muscles, which are still ‘dead’, to heavy beating. You can get seriously injured, in this case.


Why are arm circles considered dangerous stretching exercises? They become only dangerous when they are done improperly and when they are done before an athlete’s major competition. However, it’s relatively safe when done correctly and at the correct time.

Always play safe, know how to perform your exercises properly. Ensure that you remain uninjured, while staying fit and healthy.

Are you performing arm circle exercises too? What are your experiences about it? Do you agree with the post? If not, don’t hesitate to share your opinion with our readers in the comment section below.


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