Winter Fitness

Cooler weather is great for snuggling, snooze alarms and rich, hearty food. Come spring and many of us panic, somehow shocked at the extra padding that got packed on in winter. Read below for tips to keep you moving in winter…and away from the hot chocolate.

Nourish Inside And Out

More indoor time means the likelihood of sedentary activity and snacking exponentially increases. Being indoors need not mean the absence of all physical activity. Use inclement weather as a way to force yourself to get into all that busy work that is neglected (and rightfully so) in warmer months. Bring spring cleaning forward and Marie Kondo your home. Decluttering makes keeping the place neater far easier.

Cooler weather is also tolling on your skin, so now is the time for some deep moisturising masks, but don’t forget that UV can still be high even when it’s cold, so don’t completely skip sunscreen when out and about. Investing in yourself might also mean planning ahead for some further self-improvement. Maybe you want to start a class, do some volunteering or get around to that boob job or labiaplasty surgery. Whatever your goals, planning and research will be the quickest way to realise them. So on the windy, rainy days, organise your life so things run smoother once the temperature rises.

Don’t Fight Your Circadian Rhythm

Cooler weather coincides with less sunlight, and lower vitamin D can mean more daytime drowsiness. So if you’re struggling to beat the sun up to head to your early morning workout, reschedule for slightly later in the day or closer to the end if that’s all your schedule can manage. Although many experts will generally advise to get your workout done as soon as possible, responding to the natural cycles of the body with regard to weather is a more balanced approach.

On the topic of food, you can still have your hearty and nutritious meals that are so comforting on cold nights, but boost intake of things such as red kidney beans, soups with veggies of all colours and warming supplements like ginger, turmeric and cardamom. Best served cooked/in a warm dish or drunk, they can also ward off and reduce the severity of winter sniffles. Back into warmer months you will get that motivation back to head out early and increase your awake time, in tune with the sun.

Vary The Pace

Nothing kills motivation like the promise of a freezing face and numb fingers during a workout. Don’t completely do away with outside activity, but mix up your fitness regime by adding an indoor swim, spin class, warm or hot yoga, and a good lymphatic massage to boost circulation. Layering around the kidneys and hips (keep that booty warm) when you’re out and about will also assist in maintaining a more even temperature and reduce the risk of injury.

And hey, if you still want that hot chocolate, just remember the simple adage of calories in + calories out to avoid unwanted gains.