exercises for better sex

Oh! so you think this is not important. But it is.

Not only in terms of your own long-term health, but also in terms of finding and keeping the special woman satisfied.

Basically, you are one of those pupil who believe in living a complacent life more than anything else. I am afraid to tell you that the rules of this man-woman pleasure game have changed drastically.

Does Working Out Improve Sexual Performance

Working out was never so important than it is now.

Read below to know further.

No flab, no falter and a flabbergasted partner

It isn’t an over exaggerated statement but a fact. Lesser fatty layers, especially around the abdomen gives couples a lasting sexual satisfaction. This has more to do with a woman’s psyche than anything else. You can blame the Hollywood hotties if you like but whatever be the reason you can’t turn a deaf ear to the fact that women today get aroused by the physicality of a man.

Women find lean, well-chiseled bodies more attractive. Therefore, the rule of the game says if you want women to get attracted to you, feel weak in the knees, just enhance your sexual appealing and there is no better way than working out.

exercises for better sex

A research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that by losing a few pounds a person can have the same sexual experience sex as after taking viagra. This research went on for two years with 110 obese men. They were suffering from erectile dysfunction. After undertaking a rigorous weight loss program, about 31% of the men recovered and started experiencing normal sexual life.

Hence one can say that working out is a great way of enhancing one’s sexual appeal. A combination of cardio, strength and endurance training with yoga is just the ideal way of achieving that.

A happy mind fuels a healthy body and gives a fruitful sexual encounter

One’s libido is dependent on his state of overall health which is also affected by the state of mind he/she is living with. Unfortunately, there are some physical and mental problems that can contribute to sexual dysfunction in a man. Here are a few:”

#1. Stress – it features just about everywhere. You name a problem and stress tops the list of being its causative agent. No wonder then it affects sex life of a person. Stress is known to make the central nervous system weak and this includes brain and endocrine glands. These glands have a key role in the first and second stage of the sexual process.

how does exercise help sexually

#2. Imbalanced diet – a meal with high fatty content reduces libido, limits testosterone resulting in difficulty in erection and ejaculation.

#3. Foods that disturb hormones – some dairy products and hormonally enhanced meats feed the body with environmental estrogens. Same goes for pesticides.

#4. Smoking – smoking constricts blood vessels, interrupt with the flow of blood and the ability to achieve erection.

One who is passionate about working out will stay away from the above naturally, eat well, sleep well and thus easily avert the conditions that can affect his sexual performance.

But for doing the above, a body needs adequate amounts of testosterone. So this can be done with best creatine supplements for men that work for enhancing your sexual power. Do your research and then only buy one. You have to extra cautious in this case as you cannot afford to have any side-effects. It can affect your life – SEXUAL LIFE.



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