10 Best Biceps Exercises Of All Time

Did you know biceps are the most difficult muscles to build in the body? Though relatively small compared to other tissues let’s say legs or chest muscles, they require lots of effort for any visible change to come through. However, through consistent exercise, you can build your biceps for the world to see through the following ten best bicep exercises of all time.

1. High Cable Curl

High Cable Curl

In simple terms, this is just a showboat workout. It imitates the typical bearer bodybuilding postures causing the front biceps to stretch out. However, a closer look at the exercise reveals it creates lots of tension to muscles due to its unique positioning of elbows as compared to the majority of other bicep moves. Besides, single-arm variation offers a sturdy alternative coming with lots of unique benefits.

2. Standing Cable Curl

Standing Cable Curl

One of the best ways to engage your bicep muscles is through bending your elbows, and that is what standing cable curl offers. Since bicep training is all about curling, the exercise involves compound moves pull-downs and rows for the back that also affect your muscles. Notably, this curl requires cable and your preferred attachment from a cambered or straight bar or a D handle when you choose to engage one arm at a time.

3. Machine Drag Curl

Machine Drag Curl

The smith machine is often associated with curling since the static fixed bar makes your body curl during workout sessions. A natural arc is usually formed as variations demands a pull along the biceps.

4. Alternating Dumbbell Curl

Alternating Dumbbell Curl

Here is gym favorite exercise for ages that involves both seated and standing positions. It is the first free weight training that helps build your biceps without getting so tired.

It involves alternating movements similar to dumbbell curls, where one curls on the side as you lower on the other hand. The switching back and forth earns it a place among EZ-bar curls and barbell. The seated position eliminates the potential of your body rocking, thus making the dumbbells to swing upwards. Nonetheless, a stronger side does not come out weight the weaker one like the situation when using bars. The movements help in building bicep muscles in the long run, and you do not break a sweat for it.

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5. Concentration Curl Dumbbell

Concentration Curl Dumbbell

Though it only appears number 6 among the top exercises, it arguably to be more satisfying compared to other dumbbell curls. It involves working one arm each time making it easier to keep the curling under control. As such, you can inflate your muscle pump when you make your diet rich in proteins and fibers.

Just like a complete range motion curl, it kindles biceps from one end to the center and peak. Besides, it is the positioning of arms against gravity and the capacity to zero in on the arm that allows space for more emphasis on the head, inner, and short biceps. Eventually, consistent movement of muscles leads to the building of biceps as desired.

6. Scott Curl

Scott Curl

The preacher worktable was created to place your upper arms on the inclined side of the pad, experts in bodybuilding discovered the positive impact of reversing stroke, while leaning over the wadding and putting of hands on the flat surface. The technique offers you space to work against gravity directly causing tension in your muscles.

Scott curl has similarities to the barbell curl since it involves bar movement from one position where hands are straight towards the floor, to a fully flexed place when they are positioned towards the top. However, the armpits get tucked against the preacher bench, while the chest against the surface. In that position cheating through hip swinging proves impossible making it super useful.

7. Barbell Preacher Curl

Barbell Preacher Curl

Here is the only exercise outweighing a Scot curl. The preacher benched is used as intended, but the upper arms are placed in an inclined position as you rest on the seat.

The difference between preacher and Scott curls is at the beginning of each activity when arms are spread out. In the traditional preacher curl, muscles get engaged while during Scott curls you get some soothing tissue relieve.

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8. Incline Dumbbell Curl

Incline Dumbbell Curl

Though placed in the third position, it puts up an extreme case to get to this position. It is a hardcore exercise weight free activity that stretches biceps and activating the stretches in a shorter cycle.

When arms are down at the beginning of the angled curl, they ought to be placed slightly behind the body. Such a unique position did not get in other bicep moves.

The after mentioned shortened cycle triggers build up as it comes in higher more frequency.

9. Chin-up Close-Grip

Chin-up Close-Grip

It is the controversial exercise to get to this list since it targets the back and latissimus dorsi muscles. In spite of this, the close grip earns it the place as it helps in molding the biceps efficiently. No question on the necessity to have a stiff back to ensure it pulls your chin over the bar. Also, the movement needs equally strong biceps bending your elbow as you elevate the body weight.

10. Barbell Curl

Barbell Curl

We have already given out the outline of this happy ending of the ten best exercises for your biceps build up. It is almost apparent you are not surprised that barbell curl comes at the top of all training. Rated as the most popular exercise under the sun, it deserves all the praise it gets.

What makes the barbell curl more popular is the fact that it does not cause the tension of a cable, nor focusing on each arm at a time. The workout offers primal power and the ability to lift lots of weight in one sitting. Biceps are under maximum tension pushing their growth rate more than any technique.

Always remember, consistency in all the ten best bicep exercises is what gives you visible results in the development of healthy bicep muscles. Make it a routine to commit to your workout sessions, and you are sure to get a good figure.

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