Benefits of quitting drinking

When it comes to alcoholism, quitting is never easy. Despite the complexity of the process for those plagued by alcohol addiction, there are endless positive benefits to quitting that make it worth the struggle. Even if you do not feel that you suffer from an alcohol addiction, there are reasons to consider cutting out drinking all together.

Just remember to ask for help if you need it; going “cold turkey” (or suddenly eliminating any and all of an addictive substance from your life) isn’t always the best or safest option for everyone.

1. More Money To Spend

When you stop drinking, you will find that you have more money to spend on other things. You may even find that you struggle less with bills and meeting food needs because your priorities have changed.

2. You Will Look Younger

Excessive alcohol consumption can age an individual anywhere from 10 to 20 years prematurely. When you cut out alcohol, your looks will slowly improve.

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3. No More Hangovers

Drinking too much often results in a two day hangover, or a series of negative side effects. This often includes waking up with a severe headache, nausea and dizziness. When you eliminate alcohol, you won’t have to worry about the negative physical and emotional side effects of alcoholism.

4. Improved Sex Life

Alcoholism takes a serious toll on all aspects of the body, including sexual functions. It’s believed that drinking too much can eventually cause sexual dysfunction, specifically sexual sensitivity.

5. Productivity Will Increase

Research has shown that drug and alcohol addiction results in a staggering amount of lost productivity among Americans. When your alcohol consumption stops, you will find yourself able to finish a number of tasks and feel more accomplished.

6. Relationships Will Improve

Alcohol can devastate your personal and professional relationships. However, when you stop drinking, you may find that loved ones are very happy with your decision and surround you with love and support.

Relationships Will Improve

7. Your Liver Will Function Better

Drinking too much can eventually lead to a “fatty liver.” If you make the change soon enough, it’s possible to even reverse the damage done to your liver!

8. It’s Easier To Socialize

Some may believe that “liquid courage” makes them easier to talk to, funnier or even the life of the party. However, drinking too much can often expose a person to ridicule.

9. You’re Less Vulnerable To Crime

Drinking too much can put you in a state that makes you a prime target for criminal behaviors. By staying sober, you can help avoid the sort of predatory law-breakers looking for someone to harm.

10. Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Your cardiovascular health will greatly improve when you stop drinking.

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11. Reduce Diabetes Risk

When you stop drinking and switch to a healthy lifestyle (exercise and proper nutrition), you can greatly cut back on the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

12. Be Able To Concentrate

Life after alcohol

Without alcohol to make you feel sluggish and groggy, you may find that you’re able to notice more. You’ll also be able to better perform tasks due to optimal functioning.

13. Hold On To Memories

Memories are precious, and drinking too much can do serious damage to the part of your brain responsible for keeping them. You will be able to recall so many more things without alcohol interfering with your brain function.

14. Avoid Pointless Arguments or Fights

Alcohol can lead to aggressive behavior. When you are sober, you will find that it’s easier to socialize without escalatory behaviors that could put you or someone else in danger.

15. You’ll Set A Positive Example

Watching someone work hard to overcome addiction can inspire others to tackle the difficult, non-addiction related struggles in their lives. It also can help curb the potential for you to influence your children to develop addictive behaviors.

16. Enjoy “The Little Things” Again

When you’re able to spend time with family, pursue hobbies, go traveling and so forth, you’ll find a greater appreciation for things that once seemed less significant in the pursuit of alcohol.

17. Your Body Will Rid Itself Of Toxins

Healthy body after quit drinking

The withdrawal process can be scary, but it is a completely necessary part of ridding your body of the negative toxins brought on by excessive drinking. This is how your body begins the process of physically healing itself after long-term alcohol abuse.

18. You Have More Free Time

You will be amazed at how your schedule opens up during sobriety. Instead, your free time can be spent … anyway you wish. You will be able to open yourself up to so many other activities and outings.

19. You Will Learn Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Instead of drinking to cope with anxiety or escape problems, you’ll be able to learn a host of ways to cope with stress and communicate your feelings with others.

20. You Will Feel Better

You will likely find that your mood greatly improves without the depressive influence of alcohol.

If you would like help in reducing or eliminating alcohol from your life, consider reaching out to experienced therapists and other professionals about treatment options that are right for you.