2 day hangover, two day hangover

We’ve all been through that one weekend after a tough work week when you can’t stop partying and drinking. So, you end up with the worst hangover of your life.

But did you know that modern-day weekends were brought about because of hangovers?

In fact, during the peak of the Industrial Revolution, workers in 19th century England would use their only day off (Sunday) to go out, drink and have fun. Naturally, they’d be hungover on Monday, so many weren’t able to show up to work.

As a result, employers decided to give workers an extra half a day on Saturday to sober up so they can be fresh on Monday.

And if you’ve ever experienced a hangover, you know it’s a horrible feeling. If you stay hydrated, eat light foods and take plenty of rest, it usually goes away in a day.

But how do you deal with a two-day hangover? Keep reading to find out!

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What Causes Hangover

In a nutshell, alcohol contains substances or impurities known as congeners. They’re considered a fermentation byproduct and are much more present in cheap alcohols than in expensive, high-quality ones.

The body treats them as toxins and depending on your metabolism and various other factors, you get hungover. So if you have a long hangover, it’s probably because your body is not processing the congeners properly and needs more time to flush them out.

To avoid this, always opt for high-quality beverages whose congeners are easier to process.

How To Handle A Two Day Hangover

By definition, a hangover that takes a couple of days to cure is a two-day hangover. And as we age, hangovers become more difficult to handle, especially if we have work on Monday.

The symptoms of a regular one-day hangover are generally the same for everyone and include:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth and dehydration
  • Fatigue
  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Stomach pain

So if you fail to treat your symptoms the first day, they’re likely to return the next day. At the same time, the older you get, the less your body is capable of fast recovery. So if you’re not in college anymore, it’s safe to say you’re at a higher risk of a two-day hangover.

But don’t despair – all hangovers, no matter how long, can be easily cured if you know how to approach them.

The first rule of getting over a hangover is to get enough sleep. It sounds logical, I know – especially because drinking too much will make you sleepy. But this is not considered quality sleep.

You see, while your brain is trying to rest and recharge, your body works hard to eliminate the toxins from the alcohol. And this endeavor takes up a lot of energy, so when you wake up the next morning, you feel utterly exhausted. The solution is to take a long nap during the day to compensate for the lack of quality sleep the previous night.

When you have a nasty hangover that lasts more than a day, you have to stay hydrated all the time. Alcohol dehydrates your body, so you’ll feel extremely thirsty the entire day or two until you replenish the fluids. So drink lots of water or lemonade until you feel better.

Water will help flush whatever alcohol you have left in your system and provide a much-needed refreshment for your cells. Electrolyte-rich beverages are another great option here. Staying hydrated can reduce your next-day hangover symptoms significantly.

Yet another side effect of being hungover is nausea. Basically, you can’t eat anything because you feel sick, but you have to eat so as not to feel sick. It’s a vicious circle, but you’ll simply have to nourish your body during the hangover.

So eat something light like cereal, toast or a piece of bread. If you keep your body in a low blood sugar state, you’re just prolonging the effects of the hangover.

Also, load up on some supplements like vitamin B1 (which is depleted by alcohol) and some magnesium for a quick pick-me-up.

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What Else Can I Do To Fight Off A Long Hangover?

While there isn’t a magic hangover potion to get you up and running, there are some additional things you can try.

For example, instead of spending two or more days just lying in bed, get outside for some fresh air. Take a walk or do some light exercises or yoga if you’re able to. This’ll help energize your body, but make sure you’ve gotten plenty of rest before you enroll in any physical activity.

Finally, to prevent a two-day hangover happening in the first place, take good care of your gut. The foods you eat have a huge influence on how your body heals after a night of drinking, so make sure your diet is rich in nutrients, probiotics, and healthy fats.

This is because alcohol is absorbed into your body through the stomach. So if your gut is unhealthy, the toxins from the alcohol will travel through your bloodstream faster and thus the hangover effects will be worse.

If you have a pounding headache, get some ibuprofen or a similar painkiller. These usually help alleviate the symptoms.

Bottom Line

One of the main reasons for a prolonged hangover is age, but there are other factors contributing to a two-day hangover. For instance, alcohol quality may be directly responsible for the duration of your hangover.

Not getting enough sleep and dehydration are two more reasons why you’re still hungover after two days.

So next time you decide to treat yourself to a drink or two, do yourself a favor and just leave it at that. Otherwise, you’re in for a weekend of headaches.

During this time, it’s crucial that you take care of yourself the best way you can, drink tons of water and electrolytes and take plenty of rest and sleep.

If you follow our advice, you’ll get on your feet faster and hopefully feel better.