4 Stunning Ways To Curl Your Hair

Do you have a hot date coming up? Do you want to change up your hair routine? With the help of some heating tools and product, you can create beautiful curls that can highlight the natural beauty of your hair. Even gorgeous hair extensions White Plains NY can create amazing curls. Not sure which curl best fits you? That’s okay, here are four methods you can try.

Wield a Curling Wand

One of the most popular ways to create a classic curl is with a curling wand. This heated rod doesn’t require a lot of work to use, simply hold the handle in one hand and use the other hand to wrap the curl around the wand. Hold long enough for the hair to curl, and release. If you want a more natural look, brush through the curls or avoid heating them as long.

Master the Flat Iron

Although some people find this method of curling a little trickier, flat iron curls are a beautiful style. The process is similar to regular straightening, but you twist the iron in a way that forms the curl as you go down the hair shaft. After a little practice, you can create beautiful, soft curls.

Style With a Curling Iron

No matter the type of curl you want, a curling iron can do the trick. This heating tool differs from the flat iron due to the clasp that can conveniently hold hair in place while curling. Try twisting your hair before curling, revolving the iron towards your head or other curling methods to get a curl that you adore.

Take On Braiding

If you don’t like the idea of using heat or you simply don’t want to take time curling, use braid power. Depending on how quickly your hair dries, you can sleep on your braids or leave them in a few hours before taking them out. The braids create a beautiful wavy curl that can last for days with the right hair products. Create more braids for smaller curls, and braid them tightly for springier ringlets.

No matter the method, curls can bring variety to your hair routine. Experiment with the type of curls you like. If you want a variety of size and shape to your curls, consider buying different sizes of heating tools. Don’t forget to spray on some hairspray or other styling products to help the curls stay for a longer time. Enjoy the look for any occasion!