Fun ways to get exercise

We’ve all been there: starting the new year either hitting the gym or running around the neighborhood but eventually ends up lying in the couch with a bag of chips. Why does exercising or working out have to be so difficult?

If you’re done feeling as if your physical fitness routine takes forever and bores you at some point, then it only appears that the problem isn’t with the routine itself. It is but with your lack of motivation and a mindset of it being not “fun”.

What is your idea of fun? Okay, now converge what “fun” is to you with your physical fitness routine. Crying on the treadmill and wishing you’re freestyling in the pool instead? Conduct a workout routine in the pool then! It is in fact, great for a total body workout as long as you have a good routine and with an aid of an expert.

You have thousands of reasons to exercise and little to almost none not to. If you find yourself on a slump at times, don’t break your workout streak easily! Instead, find ways to make your exercise or workout more enjoyable and more of a habit.

1. Tune It Up

Silence makes time seem ticking slower. You could hear yourself struggle to breathe while doing exercise routines which doesn’t really lift you up from the painful core workouts.

Make your own workout playlist that is sure to make you crank up your energy. If you’re too lazy creating a playlist, there’s an app for that that is of great help. Listening to music while breaking a sweat is a surefire way to get your body moving along with every beat of the tune. Now, time won’t even matter to you and you’ll definitely have more fun exercising.

2. Tag A Buddy Along

Although it’s fun and therapeutic to have an “alone time”, sometimes it’s still better to have someone with you when in the gym.

Having a buddy tagging along with you working out pushes you further to your routines. Somehow, there’s a little friendly competition in there which is certainly beneficial for the both of you. Pick a friend that is fun to be with, energetic and loves to hang around with you. They will serve as your constant motivation as well.

How to make working out a habit

3. Get Social, Join A Class

Running on the treadmill, lifting weights, performing crunches and other basic workouts can be a little repelling when you get used to it. Ever wanted to try and join a yoga class, circuit training or muay thai? Try something different, join a class now!

If you’re a bit shy socially, joining a group fitness is a small step to socialize with others. You get to meet new people that you eventually become friends with, you get to have a motivator — your instructor and more importantly, it’s a great source of support.

4. Play

Remember how you used to play frisbee and tennis when you were younger? Fun times. Just because you got older doesn’t mean you can no longer play what you used to love.

Workouts are tiring and really strict when it comes to performing them. Plan a day in a week you can substitute gym with “play”. These sports are exercises in nature. Also, these sports are really good for your health. Feel like a kid again and play.

5. Go Outdoors

With all the fitness/workout/exercise videos surfacing on Youtube and other platforms, people prefer to work their body at home and follow the video while other would still prefer going to the gym, yoga class, and the works.

Break the at-home workout plan and take a day or two off to run outdoors. Seeing more than your laptop screen and couch can be a big factor in helping you get over with the routine.

6. Reward Yourself

Finally, set a reward for yourself after accomplishing small goals and your primary goal. This will make you want to look forward to getting that reward which makes you motivate yourself more into achieving the goal.

Have you got any more to add? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!