There are quite literally hundreds of different ab exercises one can do, but how many of them really are effective? Here I’d like to give a selection of the best ab exercises to work the upper abs, lower abs and side obliques. they’re my personal favorite which I have used to great effect.

Please, please remember though, that you cannot get defined abs unless you have body fat of less than 10% period! If you have a sizable amount of body fat you’re simply wasting your time do ab exercises. Ok, let’s first take a look at my personal favorite and best ab exercises.

1. Ab Extensions on Bench

– Works all frontal abs

I was actually introduced to this exercise by a friend with killer abs who swears by this exercise. I used this and to my amazement saw even greater definition come through on my abs, so I’m passing this on to you. It’s pretty hard and it burns like hell, but it’s worth it, trust me.

  • How to perform: Using a flat bench, extend your arms and pace hands firmly on the end to hold you into place. Then, with a sharp motion extend your legs out, toes pointed and raise your lower body towards the ceiling, then gradually lower yourself back down to the starting position until your feet are a couple of inches above the bench. For more intensity and greater burn on the abs lower yourself very, very slowly, you’ll definitely feel it!

2. Incline/Decline Sit Up

– Works entire frontal abs

Some people called these decline sit ups, others call them incline, but they’re basically the same thing and it’s one of the best exercises to help develop lines down your abdominal. It’s also great for targeting these frontal abs and boy does it burn your abs!

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  • How to perform: Using a bench or if you have one available a sit up bench on a 30 degree incline, lay backwards keeping your back straight. Once you’re into position slowly come back upwards to where your body is parallel with the floor. Effectively it’s a sit up on a bench. It’s important to do this exercise slowly to really get the burn. Aim for failure on this exercise.

Tip: For an even more hardcore workout use a loose weight or heavy object with this exercise.

3. Leg Lifts

– Works Lowers and mid abs

Another great exercise that produces that burn effect. I often just do legs lifts and Decline Sit ups in my ab routine together as they cover my entire abdominal wall!

  • How to perform: Using the decline bench again, place your bottom firmly on the bench. Using your hands grab the top of the bench as shown in the photo. A a slow to moderate speed bring your legs and bottom up and off the bench, then slowly lower your legs back to the starting position with your toes pointed. It’s important not to let your bottom touch the bench too much.

4. Cable Crunches

– Works Upper and mid abs

Another great exercise for definition and giving the abs depth. Any resistance exercises will build the abs which will of course push them outwards giving them a blockier appearance. This is another one of my favorites!

  • How to perform: Ok, so you’ll need a cable pulley machine with either a rope attachment or triangle attachment. Kneeling on the ground firmly place your wrists against your head and crunch your abs towards the ground. Don’t use your arms to do this, you must concentrate on tightening your abs and make them do the work. you’ll know you’re doing this exercise right as you will really feel it in your abs.

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5. V-Ups Exercise

– Works Upper and Lower Abs

Not an exercise you will often see, mainly due to it’s complexity and coordination needed to perform it correctly. But once you can master this exercise it really is great for targeting the entire abdominal wall.

  • How to perform: Start by positioning your back on the floor and your legs straight out, hold your arms straight above your chest with fingers pointing upwards. Hear comes the hard part! Fold your body upwards whilst lifting your legs and arms together to touch your toes. Whilst doing this contract your abs.

6. Abdominal Crunch Machine

– Works Uppers and Mid Abs

This is definitely one for building strong blockier abs as it really places a lot of stress on the ab wall. This ab exercise suits beginners and more advanced trainees and is certainly worth adding in your workout.

  • How to perform: To begin with select a light resistance on the weight stack, then placing your feet firmly onto the foot pads and grabbing both handles begin to lift your legs slightly whilst crunching your upper torso. Be sure to breathe out as you perform this motion.

Remember to concentrate fully on crunching your abs and try to avoid using your arms or upper body to move the weight stack, you’re training your abs after all!

7. Hanging Leg Raises

– Works lower abs

This exercise is by no means easy. I would also request that you be careful when performing it as it can place some strain on the lower back. You may want to consider getting used to raising one leg first before doing two. Nevertheless, it’s a great lower ab exercise.

  • How to perform: Begin by holding onto a pull up bar with both hands as shown in the video. Engage your upper body and your abs and then lift both your legs up so that your feet are straight out in front of you. Hold for a count of one and then lower your legs back to the starting position.

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8. Crunch

– Works uppers and mid abs

The crunch is still by far one of the most effective and best ab exercises at targeting the frontal abs.

  • How to perform: Ok, start by lying on the floor with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle and feet flat on the floor. Place hands on the back of your head or over your chest while lifting your shoulders off the ground and elbows towards your knees. Do not try to lift your back. Squeeze abs at the top of the movement and return to the starting position.

These are the 8 best ab exercises ever that can help you to achieve a sexy and strong abs. Hope you liked this article. Don’t forget to share it in your social profiles. See you in next post soon!!