Facts About Lipstick

Nowadays, it’s probably hard to come by 8 facts that are uncommon about lipstick considering the fact that it is so popular worldwide! Listed below are a couple of facts some of you probably still don’t know about lipstick.

80% of American Women Wear Lipstick

This statement only affirms what was already previously said. Eighty percent, that’s right, a whopping eighty percent of women in the United States wear lipstick or have worn lipstick in their lifetime. There is no other makeup products in the world that shares the same kind of popularity as lipstick does.

How Many Women use lipstick in the US?

A study conducted on the early 2000 until the present revealed that the lipstick industry alone is a billion dollar industry. The most recent market statistics showed that $32.7 billion dollars was earned by the makeup industry on a global scale, lipstick actually holds $9.4 billion of the earnings in that. How crazy is that? So to answer the question of how many women actually use lipstick in the US, the answer “quite a lot” is probably an understatement.

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How Many Women use lipstick in the UK?

Here is a funky trivia about England. Around the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I, the lipstick too took the reins. At one point in 1500 A.D, lipstick became so familiar in England that it came to a point where it even became as a cash substitute. Another crazy belief was that it brought about magic and healthy. This one was even created by the Queen herself.

Nowadays, lipstick still enjoys the same popularity in England and even more as before. And who ever said the Queen was crazy for believing lipstick had magic clearly have not seen the perfect shade of red for their skin tone.

Why Women Use Lipstick?

Why Women Use Lipstick

If you asked every woman on the street why she wore lipstick, she would tell you point blank, it was because she wanted to. That’s what lipstick mainly is. Of course it has its cosmetic purposes but lipstick meant so much more than that in the past. For a while lipstick product was used to put shame on those that society shunned such as prostitutes. However at the turn of the century lipstick became a celebrated symbol of power in women. It became a sign that women could be anyone they wanted to be and wear whatever they wanted to wear.

What Lipstick Can Do For Your Lips?

In the olden days lipstick was only used to put color on women. It may have had its share of nay sayers but lipstick has definitely stood the test of time. Lipstick can emphasis the beautiful curve of a woman’s lips and it can even act as an illusion making an otherwise pale and thin lip into luscious smackers!

What are the Harmful Ingredient Used in Lipstick?

There is a downside to this otherwise god send. Lipstick has been found to have toxic metals as ingredients. Lead, chromium and aluminum have been familiar ingredients to lipsticks. In 2007 however, the Federal Drug Association released a statement saying that there are indeed traces of these metals in these products but they still resign to say that these will not cause our bodies any harm.

There is no question that lipstick is probably the most popular makeup product of our time but it is always great to learn a trivia or two about it. We hope you learned something new today!