How to train your mind to exercise

Many individuals place health and fitness at the bottom of their list until they end up in the hospital. Prevent this by happening by retraining your mind to make time for these healthy living habits. There are a number of ways to stay healthy and retrain your mind for fitness.

1. Use Pictures

Pictures speak a thousand words. Inspire yourself to live a life of fitness by finding a picture of someone who is your desired clothing size. Place that picture in clear view of your everyday activities. Your refrigerator is the ideal place. It might also be on your cubicle wall. Now, take a picture of your current self. Put that picture next to your ideal look picture. Looking at these pictures throughout the day can retrain your mind by using positive imagery.

2. Pay Attention To Horror Stories

Aversive training is known in the behavioral psychology world as being an ideal way to break negative habits. Use this to your advantage. Start paying attention to horror stories that provide insight into what can happen if you continue your path of self-destruction. Find pictures of obese people who cannot function properly. Listen to tales of unhealthy people developing cancer, heart disease and other ailments that require medical attention or hospitalization. If that doesn’t want you to retrain your mind, nothing will.

3. Start Reading Healthy Living Literature

Whether it is online or offline, retrain your mind to read beneficial literature that promotes living a healthy lifestyle. Instead of spending time wasting your mind on needless websites, watching kitten videos, reading gossip magazines, fill your mind with worthwhile and inspirational information.

4. Find Positive Role Models

Surround yourself with positive role models. Almost nothing is more inspiring than seeing someone else set a goal, work towards it, and achieve success. Reach out and meet health conscious people that eagerly want to share success stories. If you are comfortable, ask if he or she can become your role model.

5. Start Meditating

Meditation is known for relaxing the mind and making it open to new suggestions. This is an ideal way to instill positive behavior thoughts into the subconscious mind. Develop a meditation program that fits in with your busy lifestyle. Whether it is for only two minutes daily, meditation is a beneficial way to retrain your mind.

Go online to sites that offer free meditation sessions, like the MyBeautyGym. Visit YouTube and watch some meditation videos. You may also want to purchase some meditation CD’s to have a ready-made library available at your whim.

6. Consider Hypnosis

If many ideas seem overwhelming, you might want to consider hypnosis. Only deal with a trained, knowledgeable, experienced, licensed, and certified professional. Get referrals to be safe. Always be aware that some individuals may make unwarranted claims.

7. Take a Class

Healthy eating cooking and/or fitness classes are great ways to open up the mind to new ways of doing things. You can learn about healthy cooking methods, tasty foods, and new food uses. Fitness classes can introduce you to yoga, aerobics, and similar activities that burn calories. Sign up for a local class and go with a friend. This combines socializing with education.

Retraining your mind for fitness is easier than you may think. Doing it before you end up with medical conditions can add years to your life.