There are many amazing benefits of using a specially customized back scrubber when taking a shower or bath instead of sponge or bath brush. The best thing about back scrubber, you don’t need anyone else’s help to scrub your back or other body parts where a regular sponge can’t reach. During the process, you may have not realized that when you are using a back scrubber you are also providing yourself a therapeutic massage. Have you used it earlier? Don’t worry, you don’t need any experience or knowledge of how to do it, back scrubbers are designed in such a way that it can be used by everyone.

In addition to this, a back scrubber can be guaranteed to wash and clean better than a regular sponge, at the same time you are exfoliating the skin of your back, which seems pretty great. This being said, let’s find out the 10 best back scrubbers that are currently trending in the market and are high in customers demand.

Best Back Scrubbers 2019

10. Long Handle Soft Hair Bath Brush

Looking for a back scrubber that can exfoliate the skin on your back as well as can give you a gentle massage on your back? this is the one you should be considering buying, it is designed to do both jobs at once. Along with that, with its soft and smooth bristles, you can easily get rid of dead skin from the back, which you always wanted to do, making your back skin soft and smooth. With long handle of this brush, it will be easier for you to reach those hard-to-reach parts of your body. Not only that, it comes with a rope hanger at the end of the handle, so hang it anywhere you want to, ultimately saving storage space.

9. Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath Brush

This shower back scrubber has exfoliating nylon bristles which will work great with any bath soap or shower gel without any noticeable difference to speak of. There are several brands available in the market which will scrub your back only and nothing else, however, Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath Brush is designed in such a way that it will not only scrub your back, but will also provide you a therapeutic exfoliating massage as well. Another thing that you will notice about this back scrubber is surprisingly long given its construction, a length that would help you to reach those areas of back easily which was possible earlier.

8. Topnotch Bath Brush Back Scrubber

Well, the brand name “TopNotch” justifies itself, because the scrubber they have manufactured is of top quality as well. How can we say that? Equipped with a long handle this high quality bath brush can help you to use the scrubber for dry body brushing as well as for wet scrubbing when exfoliating or massaging your back. Another high quality features of this 14-inch scrubber is it’s hygiene and long lasting quality. With its lightweight plastic construction, you can use it very easily and maintain for a long time.

7. Swissco Deluxe Bath Brush

One thing that you must always pay attention to when looking for a back scrubber is the standards of comfort such brushes provide, we can’t negotiate on that. For an instance, if we are talking about one of the most popular scrubber brand, Swissco Deluxe Bath Brush, after one use you can easily notice that it isn’t just designed to give you a high quality of back-scrubbing, but at the same time it will be very easy on your back skin.

One of the best features of this brand back scrubber is its ergonomic handle; you can use this scrubber without facing any kind of discomforts for a very long period.

6. Tinksky Body Brush Back Scrubber

Yes, this back scrubber comes with a long bamboo handle. You can use this scrubber to reach the areas of your body, which are unreachable with the regular bath sponge. Once you have used, you will instantly realize that your skin is soft, smooth and glowing better than ever.

Tip: If you have not used this back scrubber on your feet or knees, then you should definitely give it a try today. The construction of this scrubber helps stimulating blood circulation and hence, gives you a soothing effect on your feet as well as knees. Try it today and give us your feedback.

5. ACELIST Long Handle Bath / Shower Body Brush

With its nonslip ridges and a special angled design, this 14-inch long handled ACELIST scrubber provides you tremendous experience of scrubbing while going easy on your back skin. In my opinion, this is one of the most comfortable scrubbers, the high quality bath brush, currently available in the market. Another than the high standards of comfort to a long well designed handle manufactured for both dry and wet use, construction of this scrubber makes it possible to use it as a cellulite massager as well.

4. Dual Sided Shower Back Scrubber

If you are looking for a back scrubber that will help you to clean every inch of your body easily, then consider buying this shower back scrubber. With its large and small flexible bristles, it provides massage and stimulates blood circulation for a good health. Next time, if you are suffering from sore and tired muscles, use this scrubber for some quick relief. Once you hold this back scrubber, you can easily notice that it is made up of silica gel, is incredibly tough and durable. In my opinion, if you are searching online for a back scrubber that will smoothly massage your body, with fully body clean then this is the one you should buy.

3. Bath Blossom Bamboo Body Brush

How about using two brushes at the same? Yes, intelligent design of bath blossom bamboo body brush makes you feel that you are using two different brushes. It is possible because this brush has two sides, each with its own features. With 16-inch size, you won’t feel heaviness, because it has very lightweight body and makes it very easy to use for a long period of time when taking a shower.

If you are looking online or in market for back scrubber that is more effective in getting rid of dead skin and at the same time helps stimulating blood circulation of back throughout your body, then consider buying this one.

2. Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber

Made with a convenient handle on both sides makes this scrubber comfortable and very easy to use, you won’t be facing any kind of troubles when using this back scrubber for a longer period. Not only your body, a two-sided Aquitex XF exfoliating design, can also help to rejuvenate your skin thoroughly. Another benefit of using this brush is that it can get rids of dead skin as well as can stimulate the blood flow too. How is this possible? Yes, it is possible because of its two-faced manufacturing, one side is equipped with textured surface that will help you to exfoliate and the other side is soft enough so it can provide therapeutic standards of comfort such as blood circulation

1. Voda Reve Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber

In my opinion, when writing the back scrubber reviews for 2019, I couldn’t find the one that is better than Voda Reve’s Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber.

As the name itself is self-explanatory, this back scrubber is intelligently designed to work life a Loofah, still it is very easy to use, comfortable, long lasting and easy to maintain. In fact, the loofah portion of this brush can be used to get rid of dead skin, acne removal, rough skin removal, eczema soothing and much more. Don’t worry, the price is not very high, its affordable one. There are many great features that makes it the most popular and excellent choice among customers looking for back scrubber.