Easy Braids for Kids

From a child’s point of view the protective benefits of the braids for kids hairstyle is equally, if not more important, to the advantage in aesthetics. Kids have naturally gentle hair that needs care and protection and the braids can be a friend they need. Braids secure hair ends, support hair lengths, protect against harsh sun rays and can be left for extended duration with minimal maintenance. These braids come in the form of box twists, cornrows, flat twists, box braids, and can be styled into buns, ponytails, fishtails, twirls and many other creative ways.

Braids for kids offer timeless styles that can aid in the growth and health of kid’s hair, when done correctly. This is contrary to the misconception that the scalps of children are still developing and any manipulation is harmful.




Children are still in their formative years and you cannot yet identify their personality type, more so to pinpoint whether they need a Mohawk like a rocker, cornrows like an athlete, and other styles. But one thing is for sure for now, braids for kids are remarkably cute and girlish for them in whatever style, edgy or soft.

Facts for Everyone about Braids for Kids

Girls, whose main activities include school and play, and a few social engagements, are the best candidates for braids for kid hairstyles. Whatever style they wear, they will always look adorable and effortless, it’s just so natural for them. Here are other nuances of the hairstyle:





  • Braids for kids have the same structure and form with adult braids, but interestingly, they look so much cuter with kids even with the edgy types like Mohawks, spiked, shaved sides and others.
  • The more popular kid’s braids are the ones used for schools and sports because children like to look attractive even at tedious and peak activities.
  • Contrary to the misconception that braids for kids are harmful to their delicate hair and scalp, these braids are protective and helpful in the growth and health of kid’s hair.
  • Braids contribute to the protection of natural hair by absorbing the stress, shielding it from harmful sun exposure and allowing natural hair to grow properly.
  • Braids are sometimes also referred to as plaits because the simplest form of braid is flat and solid like the plaits
  • Braids for kids are open to the possibility of ponytails, pigtails, fishtails. Mohawks, faux hawks, buns, and many others for combinations for creative results.
  • Interestingly, braids which are the parents of braids for kids, have been in existence since ancient times and have been used in more worthy ways like tribe identification and as protest mechanisms against oppressive masters
  • Braids usually use 3 strands of hair for interweaving to create dramatic results. The hair ends, after the braiding need to be secured or sealed in many ways.
  • Braiding has been a traditional social art because it gave the installer and wearer the opportunity for social contact through conversations during the process.



Braids for Kids Hairstyles that Your Cute Children Will Surely Love





Braids for kids are available in many styles. Your children will surely find many of them to be suited to them.

1. Double Puffs Crisscrossing on the Head Top


The symmetry and evenness of the square plaits on the top of the head until the nape area on both right and left sides, serve as the contrasting landing areas to the dynamic crisscrossing braids that highlight and give a unique interest twist to the hairstyle. Rubber bands secure the crisscrossing braids while two lovely bows cleverly hide and secure the puffs at the starting point on top of the head. This braids for kids requires proper tension to hold the style while preventing unnecessary harmful stress to the hair.

2. Cornrows with Side Part and Beads Accessory


This hairstyle is simple and neat looking with just a little tweak using colored beads at the hair ends. The colored beads also serve as protection, while injecting the hairstyle with a touch of fun, all the more making it appropriate for kids. The side parting adds dynamism and excitement and keeps the braids neatly anchored visually.

3. Braids with a Twisted Mohawk


Not until the complete installation of this hairstyle, no one will expect the edgy Mohawk to look tame and fun when worn by children. With girls, the cuteness levels up with floral and jewelry decorations. The sides of the head have thin braids that alternate with bare skin head while a twisted Mohawk runs from the top of the head towards the nape with graduating thickness, with the greatest thickness at the top of the head after the hairline.

4. Braids Twisted Into a Ponytail


Incorporating the much-loved ponytail with braids is a wonderful and practical twist to a regular ponytail. It is advisable to install the ponytail in the most simplistic form and utilize the twisted braids for kids to lend support and protection to the ponytail while keeping the hairstyle unique and more interesting. School-children look natural and in their elements wearing this hairstyle.

5. Half Up Hairstyle With a Crown Braid


Braiding for kids is a creative exercise where inventive and experimental minds get high rewards. This half up hairstyle benefits from the novel positioning of the braids. The braids start from a side part and wrap the head elegantly. Kids look adorable and angelic without trying hard.

6. Braids Formed Into a Royal Crown


For those of you who hold their daughters as dear as royal princesses, you should not miss on this hairstyle that substitutes a braided crown to an actual gold crown. The intricately woven and medium thick braids are gloriously wrapped around the forehead like a royal crown.

7. Hair Braided Into Knots


The French braid, Dutch braid, Ghana braid, fishtail braid and many common types of braids have their moments, and now a novel style of braid emerges to shine on its own and challenge traditional braiding styles. The braids occupy both sides of the head with progressively diminishing size starting from a large braid at the head top, near the hairline towards the nape area, where the size of the braid is smallest. This braids for kids creates an amazing gradation that arrests the eyes of onlookers. The hairstyle can also handle long school hours.

8. Braided Ponytail with Inverted Hearts


Splurging on a full pack of elastics is nothing compared to the fun and joy wearing this trendy hairstyle. With modern social media effectively communicating with emoticons, the heart is probably the most visible and identifiable figure of today’s young generation. The pull-through braid style creatively makes use of inverted hearts that run from the back of the head until the hair ends at the back, effectively forming a unique ponytail. The use of elastics secures the ponytail.

9. Dorothy Inspired Braids


If you have seen the movie Wizard of Oz, this hairstyle needs no further description. Dorothy overflowed with cuteness wearing this hairstyle with pigtail braids, complimented with checkered blue dress and red shoes. Braids for kids have a wide range of looks and the Dorothy inspired braids could probably top the girlie type.

10. Crown Braid with Miniature Twists


This hairstyle is a candidate for classic classification. The use of medium-size cornrows as braided crown and the two strand twists in the back make up for a clever arrangement that is unmatched.  Extending the creativity more by brightening the style using colorful rubber bands at the hair roots, instead of black, is another clever device.

11. Braided Wrap Around


Are you creative and adventurous enough to spice up a simple bun? You should try the braided wrap around to satisfy your hairstyling creative urge. The idea is to install a large bun at the top of the head and surround it with a braided structure that looks like a faux hair tie. The addition of a pink ribbon on top gives the girlish appeal that suits children.

12. Twisted Halo Braids


Cornrows are for the sporty adults, but when installed to children, they exude a different air of cuteness and girlishness. The braided cornrows are gathered to form a faux halo headband that surrounds the usual bun that crowns the head.

13. Kids Braids with Hearts Split Ponytail


The heart design is a well-love hairstyling element, but when done in this magnitude it can be considered as epic. Imagine your little girl looking extremely adorable despite a complex braided heart figure that completely covers the back of her head. A ponytail with spiral ends flows down from the braided heart adding more wow effect to the hairstyle.

Braids for Kids Tutorials with Giant-Sized Usefulness

1. Instant Bubble Braid

Have your kids experienced waking up a little late for school by ignoring the alarm clock? Installing a tedious braid at that point is not an option. Follow the following steps to do the bubble braid for kids with just as good results:


Step 1: Gently comb your kid’s hair all the way to the back.

Step 2: From the full volume of hair, pick up half the volume and tie it into a ponytail.

Step 3: Separate a thin portion of hair from the ponytail. Wrap it around the base while securing it with a pin. Make sure that the wrapped hair hides the pin.

Step 4: From the loose hair that now appears at the bottom, section half of it and combine it with the half ponytail. Use hair elastic to secure the formation.

Step 5: Create the characteristic bubble shaped half ponytail by pulling it up and skillfully loosening from between the elastics that you previously secured the half ponytail with.

Step 6: Repeat step 3 to make way for another bubble braid.

Step 7: At this point, you can now gather all the hair and tie them to form a low ponytail.

Step 8: Do steps 5 and 6 all over again.

Step 9: Instead of bubble braiding the last half ponytail, divide it into two sections in preparation for step 10.

Step 10: Fishtail braid the last half ponytail by separating a thin section of hair strands from the outer side, and adding it to the inner side of another hair section.

Step 11: Continue fishtail braiding until the end and use elastic to secure the formation.

Step 12: Conceal the elastic by wrapping a thin section of hair and pinning it. This provides the final touch to the hairstyle.

2. Endless Looking Fishtail Braid









These braids for kids hairstyle is perfect for those active sporty children who also want to look cool and awesome in playing fields. It may look daunting to install but by following these simple steps, you will realize that it is not difficult after all.

Step 1: Water-spray your kid’s hair until you cover all areas.

Step 2: Gently comb back all her hair.

Step 3: From between her temples, gather all the hair on the top area of the head.

Step 4: Divide the hair into two equal vertical sections. Secure them with your hands.

Step 5: Pick up thin hair strands from the front left side of the head.

Step 6: From this section of thin strands, flip all of them over the right section of the head. Hold this section firmly with one hand.

Step 7: Pick up a new thin section of hair from the right side, and combine it with the first thin. This is the section which you originally obtained from the left side of the head.

Step 8: Flip this combined sections, that is now at the right side of the head, over to the left section of the head.

Step 9: Repeat steps 5 to 8 until the braiding reaches the nape area.

Step 10: From the nape downwards, you will begin your fishtail braiding by redefining the two equal hair divisions.

Step 11: To accomplish the fishtail braid installation, alternately pick up a thin section of hair from the outer side of a section and joining it to the inner side of another section of the hair.

Step 12: Continue fishtail braiding until you reach the end of the hair. Use your versatile hair elastic to secure the hair ends.

Step 13: Add more shape to the hairstyle by tugging and loosening the braid. Your apprehension about the difficulty of installing the elegantly looking fishtail braid has now been properly addressed.

braids-for-kids-19011849-minbraids-for-kids-19011850-minbraids-for-kids-19011847-minbraids-for-kids-19011848-minNovel Braids for Kids Today, Tomorrow’s Classics

The beautiful and protective hairstyle today that get the nod of mothers and children alike, and pass the test of time, will eventually emerge as classics. For this year, 2017, these two braids for kids hairstyles are trending and we have yet to see how long they will endure or how many times they will come back as a retro hairstyle.





  • Tweaked French Braid

Are you on a lookout for a novelty sleek braid for kids with a traditional French braid touch? Feast with freshness with this elegant hairstyle that creates a deep part and places the bottom half of the entire hair into a stylish and sleek braids for kids. The addition of a bow completes the Hollywood look of this partial French braid.

  • Stylish French Braid

In this simply executed French braid using the invisible braiding method, children are likely to feel comfortable and natural wearing the hairstyle. The hairstyle is versatile enough to look good in all occasions and you cannot overemphasize the protective benefits. Tying down the roots with a satin scarf extends the usefulness of the braids.






Child Celebrities Who Spelled Cuteness to Braids for Kids

These two celebrities brought immense popularity to the hairstyle. You might still remember their shining hair moments.

1. Willow Camille Reign Smith

This American singer, actress and dancer is known professionally as Willow. She acted as early as 2007 in the film, I Am Legend, and after a few more films, she bagged the coveted Young Artist Award for her stellar performance in An American Girl. By the autumn of 2010, her musical career has also been launched via the release of Whip My Hair, which peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100, and 21st Century Girl.


Ominously, the title of her highly successful debut single, Whip my Hair, would ripple to her success as a hairstyle icon. She can seamlessly sport an entire gamut of hairstyles from the odd that marks her as a rocker, to the casual and girlish styles that could melt even the most stolid audiences. Not surprisingly, a magazine survey points to 7 braids for kids hairstyles out of 15 favorites among the top favorites considered for Willow. Those that are considered in the edgy style includes: Crazy Braids, Fascinating Braided Hairstyle. Elegance becomes her with hairstyles that include: Adorable Cornrows, Natural Thick Braided Updo, Sophisticated Braided Updo, and the girlish styles, Stylish Long Braided Hairstyle and Pretty Long Braids.

2. Skyla Jackson Nylah

Jackson was born only recently on 2002 in New York City, but has already made her mark as a model in numerous national major campaign commercials like Band-Aid, and as an actress in highly acclaimed independent films such as Liberty Kid and household television series like Nickelodeon, Bubble Guppies and many others.



Her unforgettable hair moments include what happened in the red carpet event for the premiere of the movie, Before I Fall. She looked stunning in the Los Angeles event with her super long box braids that elegantly flowed from her head down to her side hips. It also matched perfectly with her spring-patterned dress that left the viewers around gaping with admiration. Even social media did not escape her hair moments. On Instagram, she paraded her various styled thin braids including the social media favorite, long flowing braids piled up into an elegant high bun.