Expert Tips To Tone Your Body Like An Athlete

Are you a fitness freak? With increasing health concerns and outspread of viruses, people are prioritizing their health. Some are switching to nutritious diets, while others are struggling to fight obesity. When it comes to exercise, most people have similar goals: losing weight, building muscles, and living a healthy life. Whereas, a few of them are passionate about fitness, wanting to tone their bodies like an athlete – muscular and strong.

Women obsess over Serena Williams, while men are dying to have abs like Ronaldo. Surprisingly, everything becomes possible with a little dedication and lots of hard work. When we think of athletes training, we imagine them performing dynamic movements. In reality, a lot is happening behind the scenes. Thus, you cannot have an athletic body by solely hitting the gym or eating a healthy diet; instead, it comes from intensive training.

Alongside a morning jog, you will have to lift weights, do cardio, and consume nutritious food. After all, the goal is not to lose weight but to eliminate fats and become fierce and powerful. An athlete should have a balance of strength and explosiveness. It seems simple enough, but the question is how to make it happen? Here we are unfolding some expert tips to tone your body like an athlete.

1. Go for Dynamic Exercises

Although every exercise – whether isolated or compound has its benefits, but it is not enough to achieve athletic performance. Dynamic exercises simulate movements, impacting your whole body. You can begin with aeroski as it works on all muscle groups, regardless of your fitness level. It follows a seamless ski motion, promoting weight loss while building muscles.

Dynamic exercises also involve functional movements – deadlift, front squat to press, bench press, etc. These exercises hit your major and less-used muscles at the same time, building strength. It helps in improving athletic performance while strengthening your joints to prevent injuries. Moreover, if you have fat buildup near the stomach or lower body, opt for compound exercises. It burns fat quickly and transforms your physique faster than regular activities.

2. Enhance your Nutrition

Without a nutritious diet plan, it is impossible to look like an athlete. You have to build a plan around a high-protein diet, featuring good fat and wholesome carbs. Carbohydrates are the primary fuel that your body burns during exercise. Thus, you should obtain 50-60 calories from carbs every day to keep up your energy levels.  Whereas, protein consumption depends on your workouts.

Most importantly, cut back on sugar and artificial ingredients. Make a 90/10 rule, where 90% diet should consist of whole, nutritious foods, and the other 10% can consist of cheat meals. Flush your body with water to keep it hydrated. Don’t worry as you won’t feel bloated; instead, it removes toxins from the body, making you feel fresh and energetic.

3. Combine Strength & Cardio

Muscle building is incomplete without weightlifting, and if you want an athletic body, combine it with high-intensity cardio. Plan your workout schedule carefully to dedicate 3-4 days a week to cardio-centric workouts. High-intensity exercises are the ones that reach 85-100% of your maximal heart rate. Alongside burning fats, it prepares your body for weightlifting.

For the remaining 2-3 days, opt for strength and resistance work by incorporating weights. Begin with light weights and move to heavier weights to handle 12-15 reps per interval. It supercharges your body’s metabolism while assisting you to build lean muscle. Try changing your routine weekly to shock your muscles and eliminate the threat of sprains, which do occur while weightlifting.

4. Give a Shot to Interval Training

If you are not fond of cardio, you can do better by switching to interval training. It alternates short, high-intensity workouts with periods of rest in between. It uses the body’s two central energy-producing systems – aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic is all about walking or running for long distances, using oxygen to convert carbs.

Whereas, the anaerobic system draws energy from carbohydrates that are stored in the muscles. It involves sprinting, jumping, or even lifting heavy objects. These two forms help in burning fats and building muscles that you need for an athletic body.

5. Try Plyometric & Fat-Burning Agility Drills

Everyone is rooting for robust muscles when getting a body like an athlete. Plyometric and agility exercises are incredible for building muscle fibers. It strengthens tendons and ligaments, enhancing your overall balance, coordination, and flexibility. These are quite simple exercises like pushups, box jumps, bounding, jumping jacks, or quick moves that test your ability to generate power.

For fat-burning drills, focus on carioca steps and ladder work. It will help you fit in more cardio and sport-specific moves, boosting your stamina. If you want quick results, combine weights altogether to stay agile and powerful. Get 2-3 kg dumbbells and use them in jumping squats, burpees, and pushup, helping you get that shredded look.

Wrapping Up

Athletes look muscled and up to snuff with persistent effort and hard work that is more than exercising for 45 minutes. Therefore, you should have the same dedication and devotion to get a body like them. Push yourself to the limits and see your physique change in a couple of months. Instead of planning workouts by yourself, dig into fitness interviews by athletes, and search for expert tips.