Flower color combinations

A wedding wouldn’t be complete without fresh flowers, would it? Your wedding bouquet will add sparkle, elegance, fragrance, or just a splash of color to your special day. Fortunately, there are wide selections of flowers that’ll suit your wedding theme, venue, and simply your preference.

If you find yourself exploring a beautiful garden featuring every flower at the height of its bloom, would you choose classic or trendy flowers for your big day? Do you prefer bright colors or neutral ones? How big or small would you want your bouquet to be? It’s not easy to choose flowers for your wedding bouquet. Where does one even begin when there are so many types of flowers available? Deciding on a color scheme can help decrease your options as it’ll guide you in the right direction.

Flower Combinations To Consider

Once you’ve finally selected colors, simply read on, and you’ll discover some unique bouquet ideas and flower combinations that you can consider.

1. Peony With Eucalyptus

This lush and fragrant flower combined with fresh eucalyptus leaves is a beautiful addition to a summer or spring wedding. A bouquet of peonies and eucalyptus with their big, delicate, blossoming petals makes a beautiful combination. You can find peonies in different colors, such as coral, mahogany, and yellow, although the more common shades are red, white, and pink. The green color of eucalyptus can create contrast while complementing this beautiful bridal bouquet arrangement.

Flower combinations for bouquet

2. Rose And Pincushion

For centuries, romantic poets and writers have used flowers as metaphors for emotion and beauty. You can never go wrong when using roses for any floral bouquet. To make a wonderful accent on your rose bridal bouquet, you can go for pincushion flowers. They’re fluffy blooms that look like pincushions, hence the name. Roses and pincushion may not be a typical flower combination for some but you’ll be surprised just how elegant and more balanced the bouquet would turn out. The pincushions would add a pop of color to your mono-colored roses.

There are solid hues and bicolor varieties of roses available, along with striped and tipped ones—making rose the ultimate wedding bouquet star. Roses come in more than 2,000 species commercially grown every year, and most of these species are inexpensive and available all year. By themselves, roses can create unique and diverse combination looks. While roses are often correlated with rich fragrances, not all of them come with a specific scent.

There are three main types of roses most commonly used as wedding flowers:

  • Hybrid tea roses: These are widely found at almost all floral shops. You can easily identify this type of rose because of its uniform and classic shapes.
  • Spray roses: These roses are famous for their ten little heads per stem and a ‘garden-grown’ appearance.
  • Old-fashioned roses: These are bushy, open-headed varieties with fragrant and captivating scents.

3. Carnation And Chrysanthemum

Carnations used to be called fillers, but they’re now a popular choice for wedding bouquets. Gone are the days when they serve a traditional purpose. These flowers are great along with some non-traditional choices for your wedding. They can be used in various ways due to their frilly petals and wide range of colors. Many flowers can complement carnations but one great option would be chrysanthemums. If you want to have a luscious bouquet that’s full of colors and volume, this duo should be good to go.

Like carnations, chrysanthemums are also versatile, easy to find, and flexible enough to combine with any flowers. One way to come up with the best floral combination for these two is to choose spiky white chrysanthemums and accent them with pink or yellow carnations.

4. Gardenia And Succulents

Gardenia’s leaves tend to have waxy textures, and it emits a strong, sultry scent. If you’re looking for the right shrubs or flowers to pair it with, you may consider choosing succulents instead. Say hello to the uprising trend of using succulents on wedding bouquets. They surely are a sight to see, especially when paired with the beautiful and calming look of gardenia. This indeed is a perfect choice for brides who want something different from traditional bridal bouquets.

Whether tucked into a bouquet or floated in a low bowl, gardenias look stunning as centerpieces for bouquets or as corsages, boutonnieres, and hair accessories. But be gentle, for this expensive flower has delicate ivory petals that are prone to bruising. If you want a more affordable option, a miniature variety is available, in addition to large blossoms of three to four inches in diameter.


No matter which flowers suit your wedding style, theme, and venue, you don’t have to be an expert to pick the perfect blooms. Fresh and beautiful flowers are the perfect touch for a wedding ceremony and reception. With the different floral combinations mentioned above, you can select what you prefer and see how they can be paired with your overall bridal look.

Delicately picked flower combinations listed in this article make for gorgeous wedding bouquets, enough to make you look even more attractive as a bride. With the diverse bouquet ideas mentioned above, you can already have an idea of the right wedding bouquet for your big day.